Need some scissors to make your sewing, knitting, or other hobby a lot easier? Have a look at the Spotlight range of scissors, where you can find a number of great choices.

At Spotlight, you can buy both manual and electric scissors.

Pick the one that suits you best and let your creativity roam free!

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  •   Triumph Scissors Comfort Grip

    Triumph Scissors Comfort Grip

    The Triumph Scissors Comfort Grip is dishwasher safe has high quality steel blades and a razor sharp "knife edge" design.

    Reg: RM19.99

    VIP: RM11.99

  •   Fiskars Forged Scissors

    Fiskars Forged Scissors

    Fiskars Forged Scissors, is a premium high quality scissors, made for durability and long lasting.

    Reg: RM169.99

    VIP: RM101.99

  •   Triumph Household Scissors

    Triumph Household Scissors

    The Triumph Household Scissors are made from superior quality Japanese stainless steel with both right and left handed grip.

    Reg: RM6.99 - RM16.99

    VIP: RM4.19 - RM10.19

  •   Triumph Bright Scissors

    Triumph Bright Scissors

    The Triumph Bright Scissors is an ultra lightweight scissor with smooth quality handles. With high quality steel blades, this razor sharp 'knife edge' design will ensure accurate precision.

    Reg: RM9.99

    VIP: RM5.99

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