Plain Upholstery

Spotlight's range of plain upholstery fabrics come in many colours so you'll find the perfect material for your next project. Shop online or in-store.

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Can I purchase plain upholstery fabrics at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight stocks a wide variety of plain upholstery fabrics including linen or textured weave, corduroy, faux leather, velvets and a number of other plain upholstery fabrics such as Jeans and Texas upholstery fabrics. You can mix and match these plain upholstery fabrics with our range of patterned upholstery fabrics.

What should I consider when buying plain upholstery fabrics?

Plain upholstery fabrics can be used in a variety of ways, but there are some important things to keep in mind, such as:

  • Where to use plain upholstery fabrics: Plain upholstery fabrics can look beautiful and elegant but may be less successful if you have to worry about pets or small children climbing on or using your upholstered item. Stains and dirt will be more visible on plain fabrics than patterned ones.
  • Colour:If you are using a strong colour, a large upholstered item could overpower a small space even when using plain upholstery material. Also, beware of items that may be in contact with direct sunlight, as fading will be evident in bright colours.
  • Texture:To ensure that your upholstered object is not boring to look at, consider using a textured fabric. This could include velvet, leather, corduroy, linen or other fabrics with a textured weave that will add interest to your upholstered item.

Other items to keep in mind when purchasing upholstery fabric is the weight and type of fabric - a lightweight, thin fabric may wear and tear easily, while a thick, tapestry type fabric will be unsuitable for intricate pleats or joins. A higher thread count on fabric is usually a sign that the fabric will be more durable.

What types of plain upholstery fabric are on offer at Spotlight?

Browse the range to see the different types of fabric on offer, including smooth velvets, soft brushed woven fabric, linen weaves, textured fabrics, as well as quilted fabrics, jeans fabrics and more. All our upholstery and other fabrics are available by the metre, and many are available in different colourways to help you find the best match for your interior.

Does Spotlight sell other types of fabrics too?

Yes, you could mix and match our plain upholstery fabrics with the patterned upholstery fabrics or tapestry fabrics for a coordinated designer look, or find matching fabrics in our large range of curtain and blind fabrics, to complete your interior project. We also have many different kids fabrics on offer, as well as pre-cut fabrics for quilting, and fabrics suitable for dressmaking, crafts, toys and more. In addition, we offer lining fabrics, wadding, batting and other fabrics to give your upholstered items a professional finish. As well as fabrics, you can find thread, buttons, trim, braid and other accessories for all your sewing projects here at Spotlight too.



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