Drill Oven Mitts Project


What you'll need:


Per mitt:

Step 1 - Cut two pieces each measuring 30cm wide by 40cm high from each of the printed cotton drill, insulative fleece, cotton batting and broadcloth fabric.

Step 2 - Layer fabrics by placing the cotton drill right side down, then insulative fleece, then cotton batting, then plain broadcloth on top with right side up. Pin all layers together. Repeat with other cut fabrics.

Step 3 - With washable pencil/marker and a ruler, draw lines on Broadcloth fabric at a 45-degree angle with lines 25mm apart. Quilt fabrics together by sewing along the marked lines through all layers.

Step 4 - Using template provided, trace one mitt shape onto Broadcloth side of one of the quilted fabrics. Repeat to other quilted fabric with the mitt facing the opposite way. Sew along marked outline through all layers.

Step 5 - Cut out each oven mitt 1cm out from the sewing outline. With printed drill sides facing, pin mitts together, aligning all edges. Sew together just inside the stitching outline but leaving the base edges open. Double stitch at the corner of the thumb. Clip seam at the thumb to stitching.

Step 6 - Trim and overlock or zig zag outer seam. Turn mitt right way out, press flat.

Step 7 - To make binding strip, cut two strips each measuring 50cm long by 5cm wide. Press in 1cm along both of the long edges, then press in half aligning long pressed edges. Open back out.

Step 8 - With right sides facing, place one of the long raw edges of the binding in line with raw edge base of the mitt 2cm in from the outer side edge. Sew binding to mitt around whole base, sewing to fabric along the first pressed line of binding, stopping sewing when back to start.

Step 9 - Fold and pin the remainder of excess binding together and top stitch together. Make a loop with binding end and pin the end back onto the inside of mitt, folding under raw ends. Stitch end of loop in place.

Tip - Use pre-quilted fabrics instead of outer or lining fabrics.



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