Ribtex Earrings & Bracelet

Level: Easy



  • Ribtex Mixed Media Lava Flat Round Tube Bead 6 Pack Pink 10 x 20 mm
  • Ribtex Jewellery Basics Shepherd Earring Hooks Silver 20 mm
  • Ribtex Earring Tassel Disc Pack Silver 2.5 cm
  • Ribtex Sensations Bugle Tube Bead
  • Ribtex Sensations Large Seed Bead Baby Pink 3.6 mm
  • Ribtex Sensations Small Seed Bead Kelly 1.8 mm
  • Ribtex Jewellery Basics Head Pins 20 Pack Silver 35 mm
  • Ribtex Jewellery Basics 35 mm Eye Pins Silver 35 mm
  • Ribtex Stone Beads String Green 8 mm
  • Ribtex Jewellery Basics Laser Cut Small Leaf Bright Silver


Step 1 - Open the loop of an eye pin and thread on a shepherd hook - close the loop

Step 2 - Thread onto the eye pin the large round lava bead, trim the straight end of the eye pin to 1cm, use round nose pliers to create a loop on the end of the eye pin.

Step 3 - Place the tassel disc onto the loop before closing.

Step 4 -On an eye pin place 3 pink seed beads, 2 silver bugle beads, 8 green seed beads, 2 more bugle beads and 2 pink seed beads. Close the eye pin around the end hole of the tassel disk by creating a loop with round nose pliers. On a head pin place 1 pink seed bead, one tubular lava bead and one more pink seed bead, create a loop on the end and attach to end of eye pin.

Step 5 - Repeat on opposite end of tassel disk.

Step 6 - On the second hole in on the tassel disk place eye pin with 3 pink seed beads, 2 bugle beads, 5 green seed beads, another 2 bugle beads then another 2 pink beads. Use a head pin and green stone bead to attach to end of eye pin. Repeat on forth hole along on tassel disk.

Step 7 - For the centre of the tassel disk place onto eye pin, 1 green stone bead, 2 pink seed beads, 1 bugle bead, 3 green seed beads, another bugle bead then another 2 pink beads. Use jump ring to connect eye pin and laser leaf pendant. Repeat steps 1 to 7 to create second earring to finish pair.



  • Ribtex Geometric Wooden 10 Beads and Twine Natural
  • Ribtex Sensations Large Seed Bead White 3.6 mm
  • Ribtex Sensations Large Seed Bead Clear with Bright 3.6mm
  • Ribtex Jewellery Stringing Non Stretched Nylon Beading Thread Clear 30 m


Step 1 - Using non-stretch thread place on 4 seed beads, thread on another seed bead in another colour, loop the thread through the 4th bead and through the new bead and pull tight so they're aligned. See diagram.

Step 2 - Loop on ten rows of 4 beads and tie thread around bead to finish.

Step 3 - Use the natural twine from the geometric wooden beads cut two lengths approx. 20cm long.

Step 4 - Use the non-stretch thread to attach the twine on either side of woven seed beads.

Step 5 - Knot the twine on both sides of the seed beads. Thread on geometric wooden beads and knot again. Knot the very ends of the twine as well.

Step 6 - Wrap some twine around both the ends to create closure. Tighten around your wrist by pulling the ends of the twine.



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