Lunar New Year Lantern Earrings Project

What you'll need:

Lantern Earrings

  • JBI bead strands round red and bamboo coral
  • 6mm Round gold beads or similar x 2
  • 20-26 gauge gold wire
  • Gold head pins x 2
  • Gold eye pins x 2
  • Gold ear hooks x 2

Red Dangle Earrings

  • JBI bead strands: JBI89 (oval red), JSB463 (11/0 seed beads)
  • Gold bead caps x 2
  • Fireline thread
  • Gold eye pins x 2
  • Gold jump rings closed x 2
  • Gold ear hooks x 2


Lantern Earrings

Step 1 - Begin by measuring the wire to 15cm in length and cut. Insert the wire through the bead so roughly 3cm protrudes from one side of the bead. Taking the longer tail, thread the wire around the bead four times leaving the end at the bottom.

Step 2 - Put gold bead onto the eye pin, push the eye pin down through the wrapped red bead and make sure the gold bead is flush with the top of the red bead.

Step 3 - Take a pair of round nose pliers to form a loop at the bottom of the eye pin. Trim off the excess eye pin wire and make sure the loop is tightly closed.

Step 4 - Wrap the bottom piece of the gold wire wrapped around the bead above the newly created loop at the bottom of the bead.

Step 5 - Next place a bamboo bead on a head pin, cut and turn a loop and add to the bottom loop.

Step 6 - Add earring hook.

Step 7 - Repeat steps 1-6to make a pair for your earring.

Red Dangle Earrings

Step 1 - Start by threading the oval red bead onto the eye pin. Turn a loop and wire wrap end two times, trim. The wrapped end is where the earring hook will attach.

Step 2 - Cut a length of fireline approximately half a metre. Thread on 37 seed beads.

Step 3 - Come back up 36 seed beads with the thread. Do not go back up through the last bead added. In this way the last bead will act as an anchor to stop the beads coming off the thread. The thread will show around the outside of this bead.

Step 4 - Thread up through the bead cap and through a gold jump ring and back down the bead cap. Thread on 37 seed beads. Repeat step three.

Step 5 - Repeat steps three and four until you have five tassels.

Step 6 - Attach jump ring with seed bead tassel to loop at bottom of red oval bead.

Step 7 - Add earring hook.

Step 8 - Repeat steps 1-7 to make a pair for your earring.



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