Frozen Fairy Costume Project

Level: Easy


Note: 1cm seam allowance used throughout unless otherwise indicated.

Read all instructions carefully before commencing the project.



McCall's Pattern M4887 Size 2-5 years

Step 1 - To make the skirt of Option A in Size 5, select the following pattern pieces: 10-Back and Front Skirt, 11-Casing.

Step 2 - Using pattern piece 11 cut 2 from Fabric A.

Step 3 - Using pattern piece 10 cut - 2 from Fabric B, and 6 from Fabric C.

Step 4 - To make the skirt follow pattern instructions for Front and Back on page 3 Steps 2 to 13.


Simplicity Pattern 8621 Size 3-4-5-6

Step 5 - To make the bodice of Option B in Size 6, select the following pattern pieces: 3-Shoulder Strap, 4-Bodice Front, 5-Bodice Back, 6-Front Facing and 7-Back Facing.

Step 6 - Note: before cutting out add 6cm to the bottom edge of pattern pieces 4 and 5 to make the top longer and 4cm to the centre back edge of pattern pieces 4 and 7 to accommodate buttons.

Step 7 - Cut two strips of Woven Fusible Interfacing 7cm x 24cm (length of centre back) and fuse to the edge of each back piece.

Step 8 - Follow pattern instructions on page 3 for Dress B, Steps 1 to 5.

Step 9 - Stitch front and back facing together at side seams. Turn lower edge to the wrong side, press and topstitch.

Step 10 - With right sides together pin facing to bodice (over straps) at upper and armhole edges. Stitch taking care not to catch in straps. Trim seam, clip curves.

Step 11 - Fold centre back edges (including facing) 3cm to the inside, press and topstitch 2cm from the edge. Turn facing to inside and press. Topstitch around the top edge. Hand stitch bottom edge of facing to side seam to hold in place.

Step 12 - to attach bias binding to bottom edge open out and sew to inside bottom edge. Fold bias closed, bring to the front and topstitch in place.

Step 13 - On one back edge mark first buttonhole 1cm from top and 1cm in the edge. Mark 4 more buttonholes at 5cm intervals. Make the 5 buttonholes. Press.

Step 14 - Mark and sew on the 5 buttons.



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