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Get Ready To Celebrate With Party Decorations From Spotlight

Choosing the right party decorations is a surefire way to get everyone in a celebratory mood. At Spotlight, you can discover everything you need and more to coordinate with your party theme and set the tone for a good time. Whether you're looking for birthday party decorations, engagement party decorations, Harry Potter party decorations or holding a 90s theme party, you can find it all with Spotlight's range of party decorations!

What Party Decorations Can I Discover In Spotlight's Range?

Spotlight's broad selection of party decorations has you covered for every type of decorating need. You can find:

Choose to shop by theme, event or colour to create a cohesive and stylish party table or room! Add balloons, costumes and party tableware to further get into the party spirit and make it an occasion to remember!

Party Decorations FAQ

How do I hang party decorations (without damaging my walls)?

Hanging decorations like streamers, bunting or lanterns from ceilings and walls adds instant visual impact to any space. Most party decorations are made from lightweight paper or plastic, making them easy to suspend from high up. Thumbtacks are a great option for pinning them in place, but if you're worried about damaging your plaster, opt for blu tack or stick-on hooks that can be easily removed after the event. If your event is outdoors in a pergola or on a patio, consider looping your decorations around wooden beams or railings.

What is bunting?

Bunting refers to any hanging festive decoration and is a popular decoration choice at parties and weddings. Featuring small triangular flags along a length of tape or string, bunting has become synonymous with celebrations and get-togethers. At Spotlight, you can find buntings and garlands in a range of colours and event themes including Frozen, Spiderman, Harry Potter and more!

How to make confetti cones

Confetti cones are a popular choice at weddings, and are a decorative way to present confetti to your guests for the all-important confetti throw. To make your own, all you need is some printed paper, craft scissors and craft glue such as a glue stick. Follow these simple steps to create elegant confetti cones:

  1. Cut your paper into squares - 15 cm x 15 cm is a great size to work with.
  2. Working with the decorative side of the paper face down, gently fold or roll one side of the paper over to the adjacent side to create a pointed cone shape.
  3. Open the paper back out and glue along one side. Roll back into the cone shape and stick down firmly with around 1 cm overlap.
  4. Decorate the cone with a sticker or any of Spotlight's ribbons & bows.
  5. Display the cones in a small wooden crate or basket and add confetti for guests to help themselves.

What are some party decoration theme ideas?

  • Tropical: The colours of a tropical getaway are perfect for decorating any party! Make your guests feel like they're on holiday with any of our Hawaiian party decorations. From colourful leis to gorgeous hanging palm leaf d├ęcor, deck your home or party space out with these tropical accessories, enjoy some fruit punch and dance your personal luau!
  • Movie, TV and Book Characters: Bring your kid's favourite media to life by theming their party around it! Our media, TV and book party decorations feature fun franchises like Harry Potter, DC and Marvel heroes and Disney, with everything from plates and cups to pinatas and invitations. Kids (and adults!) will love immersing themselves in their favourite superhero, fantasy and sci-fi franchise.
  • Masquerade Party: Enjoy the glitz and glamour, get dressed up and decorate the party with black, gold and silver decor including balloons, streamers and banners! Get more tips on how to throw a masquerade party here.

Create Memorable Events With Decorations & Party Supplies At Spotlight

Once you've chosen your party theme and matching decorations, you can find all your other party needs from Spotlight too! We have balloons galore as well as a huge range of party supplies including tableware & servingware and invitations, cards & wraps. Choose from in-store or online shopping options, and remember to sign up as a VIP for exclusive membership benefits and discounts! We also have a wonderful selection of informative articles such as our party decorations buying guide, and Celebrate-themed blogs including how to throw a Hawaiian theme party at home, and how to create the ultimate party cake with Katherine Sabbath.



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