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Tissue & Cello Wrap

Tissue & Cello Wrap

Make beautiful gifts with the stunning collection of tissue and cellophane wrap available from Spotlight. Tissue paper is delicate, and is ideal for wrapping soft presents such as clothes, or for delicate pieces of jewellery or other fragile items. It can also be used to fill up boxes, baskets and hampers. Cellophane wrap has a beautiful shiny finish.

Here at Spotlight, you can choose from tissue and cellophane wrap in a range of colours and designs, available as sheets or on a roll. Check individual product details for sizes and quantities.

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Can I purchase Tissue and Cello Wrap from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Delicate and colourful tissue paper is ideal for wrapping soft gifts, and cellophane wrap is super shiny and fun. There are so many colours to choose from, from soft pastels to vibrant shades and just about everything in between. Present your gift perfectly with our fabulous selection tissue and cello wrap from Spotlight! Shop online or in store now for top-quality gift wrapping supplies at our guaranteed lowest prices.

What is included in this range of Tissue and Cello Wrap?

This range includes soft tissue paper and shiny cello wrap that are ideal for ensuring that your gift makes the right first impression. With such a wide range of styles and colours, we are certain that you will find the right tissue paper or cellophane wrap for you. This collection also features shredded tissue or cellophane, both of which are great for putting in gift boxes to keep your present safe and protected. Whether you are looking for a bright and vibrant pattern, simple and elegant designs or one that features your child's favourite character, then we have the tissue and cello wrap for you here at Spotlight.

How can I use Tissue and Cello Wrap in my crafts?

While Tissue and Cello Wrap are usually purchased for gift wrapping, there are so many crafts that you can do with these. Tissue paper is a super affordable craft material that is ultra-versatile and can be used in so many different ways. There is a wealth of inspiration online, and the only limit truly is your imagination! Whether you scrunch, crinkle or crumple, tissue paper will add dimension and texture to your crafty project. It is a great material to use with little ones and will keep them entertained for hours.

Tissue paper wrapped around the tops of your pencil could be used to create a colourful collage, as well as promoting the development of creativity and fine motor skills. The slightly transparent nature of tissue paper also makes it perfect for creating sun catchers, hang by a window for a truly magical effect

Do you have any gift wrapping tips?

Gift wrapping is often left to the last minute, and yet it has the potential to make such a big impression. Start gift wrapping early to ensure that you have time to express yourself creatively. Think about your colour scheme and the style and design that would match the gift that you have given. Alternatively, if you are wrapping lots of presents, such as at Christmas time, then you could also wrap presents for different people in different colours or papers. To create beautifully wrapped gifts, it is important not to have too much excess paper.

Wrap the paper around your gift and mark it with a pencil where you need to cut it. This should help to ensure that gift wrapping is both tight and neat. If you are wrapping a soft item, such as a sweater or scarf, it can be a little bit more challenging. To make your task a little bit easier, cut a piece of cardboard to size to offer a sturdy shape to wrap paper around. The base will help you to ensure that corners stay clean and sharp, and will keep help top stop the paper from tearing. Do not forget a gift tag, so that your recipient knows who their gift is from, and finish the whole presentation off with a beautiful bow.

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