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Find everything you need for a successful party here at Spotlight! View our enormous collection of greeting cards, invitations, wrap, ribbons, disposable tableware and napkins, favour boxes, pinatas and much more here in one convenient place. Do your kids have favourite film, storybook or cartoon characters? Then surprise them with a themed party incorporating all their much-loved images, available separately or in handy party packs. For adult celebrations, you can choose from items for different occasions such as birthdays and weddings, create colour schemes, celebrate various ages and even create your own themed events and fancy dress.

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Discover Party Essentials You Must Obtain for Your Party This Year!

When you are decorating a party, there are always some essentials you will need. Today, we cover those essentials, so you can easily find the party decorations you need for an upcoming party!

What Is the First Party Essential I Need?

No matter the type of occasion, it is likely that the person in question will receive a lot of gift cards. Unfortunately, many people forget something to put the gift cards on or in for a party, which could prove one of the most functional items! Therefore, one of the first essentials we recommend is a gift card holder!

At Spotlight, customers can find various gift card holders, each matching a certain type of special occasion. So, if you are starting to obtain the party essentials you will need for an upcoming party, do not forget one of our gift card holders.

What Is the Second Party Essential I Need?

Your second party essential is a themed or coloured table cover. Unless you have your party at a hotel, where table linen is usually provided, you will need some table covers to make the entire party come together, and protect your valuable tables underneath.

Table covers for parties are available in various materials nowadays. You have the classic linen table cover, which is best used for sophisticated parties with adults. However, if you need a table cover for children's parties, it is best to choose a table cover made from a water and stain-resistant material.

What Is the Third Party Essential I Need?

The third party essential is a set of cups or glasses, depending on the sophistication level of your party. Of course, you do not have to obtain cups and glasses if you have your party at a hotel, since the hotel usually provides the glasses you need for your gathering. However, please note that some hotels will only rent you the party room, they may not always provide you with the cups and the glasses you require.

What Is the Fourth Party Essential I Need?

Most parties will serve some food. While it is evident you will have all your catering and food needs lined up, sometimes it is easy to forget about some serving tools for your food - this includes anything from ice cream scoops to salad servers and meat tongs. Therefore, always make sure you have a supply of serving tools available, even if you believe you might not even need them because you hired a caterer. It is best to be prepared!

At Spotlight, customers can find countless serving utensils in the party essentials range. Our serving utensils are available for the sharpest prices, so be sure to pick your essentials up before the party starts!

What Is the Fifth Party Essential I Need?

Your guests will need something to put their food on, whether they are plates provided by the hotel you have the party at, or whether you provide your own plates or paper plates for the venue you have chosen. Of course, there are more original ways to serve food too - this includes the noodle boxes available at Spotlight.

Please note that the serving plates and boxes you will choose depends heavily on the sophistication level of your party. For example, if you have your heart set on a sophisticated party, then it is best going for proper plates and cutlery. However, if you are doing a children's party or a casual get-together, you can easily use paper plates and plastic cutlery too.

What Is the Sixth Party Essential I Need?

When you are throwing a party, you could certainly consider putting together some party favours too. Naturally, the party favours you create depend on the type of party you are throwing - this means that party favours for an engagement party will be different than those for a birthday.

At Spotlight, customers can find all the essentials needed to create party favours - this includes beautiful gift bags, but also ribbons and gift tags. Of course, party favours cannot be too expensive, especially when you are doing your party on a budget. Fortunately, customers can always count on the sharp prices offered at Spotlight.

Where Can I Find Party Essentials at Spotlight?

Spotlight has an incredible selection of party essentials available, so if you still need your essentials, be sure to check out our party essentials section on the website. Spotlight offers all party essentials for the lowest prices in Australia, so you will not find these essentials cheaper anywhere else - this is our lowest price guarantee.

Do you have a question about the party essentials available at Spotlight? Or are you looking for something specific for your party? Do not hesitate to contact the Spotlight team for more information.



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