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  • Amscan Good Fella Moustache

    Amscan Good Fella Moustache

    Our Good Fella moustache features a thick black moustache that sits below the top lip. Self-adhesive and easy to apply.

    Reg: RM17.99

  • Amscan Fearsome Moustache & Beard

    Amscan Fearsome Moustache & Beard

    Our Fearsome facial hair kit features a ginger brown straight beard and moustache held in place by an elastic band. For ages 14+

    Reg: RM17.99

  • Amscan Hippie Moustache

    Amscan Hippie Moustache

    This Hippie Moustache features a long thick black moustache in a horseshoe shape. Self-adhesive and easy to apply.

    Reg: RM17.99

  • Amscan Supporter Moustache

    Amscan Supporter Moustache

    These classic moustaches are a fantastic addition to your costume. Available in multiple colours, these moustaches are perfect for colourful costume parties and cheering on your team at sporting events.

    Reg: RM3.00

  • Handlebar Moustache

    Handlebar Moustache

    This fantastic moustache is great for a wide range of costumes, from trucker to Chopper, or even Lemmy from Motorhead. The self-adhesive back lets you change your appearance quickly and easily.

    Reg: RM6.00

  • Traditional Moustache

    Traditional Moustache

    Change your appearance and amuse your friends with this hilarious moustache. The adhesive backing means that this moustache is easy to apply and remove.

    Reg: RM6.00

  • Pirate Moustache

    Pirate Moustache

    Rock the Captain Jack look with this fantastic Pirate moustache and beard set. The adhesive backing makes getting dressed up quick and easy.

    Reg: RM9.00

  • Face Fuzz Moustache & Beard

    Face Fuzz Moustache & Beard

    Top off your costume with this moustache and beard!

    Reg: RM15.00

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