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Does my cake need a cake topper?

Cake toppers are great for special occasions and are a great way to add that special-something to a cake. If your cake has a layer of tasty icing and some sprinkles, a cake topper is a great way to add height and interest. If your cake has fluffy frosting and large baubles on it already, a cake topper may get lost in the crowd or take away from your other cake decorations. Thinner script cake toppers can be placed in front of other large decorations, as they won't block the view of your other cake d├ęcor.

Can I have candles and cake toppers together?

Candles are a cake classic - whether it's number candles on a birthday cake or elegant themed candles on a wedding cake, candles add light, colour and a sense of warmth to any event. But please be aware that some cake toppers will be flammable, particularly if they are made of wood or certain plastics. Keep candles and flammable toppers very separate when on the cake together, and take great care when blowing out candles!

Are cake toppers edible?

Cake toppers are usually made out of wood or plastic, which means you can't eat them (although you can lick the icing off if you want!). Specialty cake toppers are made from sugar, hardened icing or marzipan, and sometimes even chocolate! These special cake toppers are edible and often designed to last a few weeks or months after the event.

Find the right cake toppers at Spotlight

No matter the occasion, Spotlight will have a cake topper to suit it. You can view and purchase any of our cake toppers online, with delivery and click and collect options available for you to choose from. You can also head to your nearest Spotlight store, where our team will help you find the right cake topper for your event.

For more baking ideas, our cake and confectionary projects page is sure to inspire you - otherwise, check out our celebrate blog for lots of fun party ideas. And for help in purchasing the right supplies for your event, consult any of our party buying guides.



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