Cake Mix Ingredients

Cake Mix Ingredients

Make your homemade cakes extra special with our wonderful range of cake mix ingredients here at Spotlight. Add all kinds of flavour or colour to your cakes, cupcakes and other baked creations with our special dyes, fillings, food flavouring and colouring, and other ingredients.

Also included are many different types of icing, decorations in the form of sprinkles, chocolate transfers, edible glitter and more.

Special icing decorating sets and gel pens can also be found here to provide your cakes with a colourful and professional looking finish.

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  • Wilton Colour Mist

    Wilton Colour Mist

    With a no mess, taste-free formula, the Wilton Colour Mist range let you create a stunning airbrushed effect on your cakes and desserts.

    Reg: RM20.00 - RM39.99

  • Satin Ice Vanilla Icing

    Satin Ice Vanilla Icing

    SATIN ICE is a ready to roll fondant icing with a lovely vanilla taste. A Dark Chocolate flavour / colour variety is also available. In Australia we also know this icing to be called either Plastic Icing, RTR Icing or Pettinice. SATIN ICE also makes a Gum Paste (known as modelling paste or flower...

    Reg: RM119.99

  • Roberts Confectionery Flavoured Oil

    Roberts Confectionery Flavoured Oil

    Create magic in the kitchen with the Roberts Confectionery Flavoured Oil. This flavoured oil is highly concentrated flavour that can be used to flavour butter frostings, icing, cake batters, macarons and much more! Oils can be used to flavour melted chocolate and ganaches, that matches perfect with ...

    Reg: RM19.99

  • Roberts Milk Chocolate Melting Buttons

    Roberts Milk Chocolate Melting Buttons

    Australian Made melting buttons (also known as Candy Melts), made especially for melting and re-moulding. Your chocolate creations will have a perfect shine like the professionals.

    Reg: RM24.99

  • Roberts Oil Based Coloured Powder Dye

    Roberts Oil Based Coloured Powder Dye

    Create colourful icing and fondant with this set of oil-based powder dyes....

    Reg: RM14.99 - RM19.99

  • Wilton Sugar Sprinkles

    Wilton Sugar Sprinkles

    Bring some colour to your cooking with these sensational sugar sprinkles, free of artificial colours and flavours.

    Reg: RM7.00 - RM19.99

  • Wilton Fondant

    Wilton Fondant

    This marvellous Wilton Fondant is truly magnificent! Wilton has improved the flavour of the fondant while not sacrificing any of the flexibility, ease of use and sturdiness. Its pliability means that its easy for you to smoothly cover a cake with confidence, while its elasticity makes it easy to cre...

    Reg: RM49.99

  • Americolor Airbrush Amerimist

    Americolor Airbrush Amerimist

    Americolor Airbrush Amerimist is super strength, highly concentrated spray on air brush food colours. By using this, eliminate the need to over spray which prevents moisture from accumulating, water spots from appearing and icings from breaking down. They are effective even on hard to colour non dai...

    Reg: RM24.99

  • CK Buttercream Icing Tub

    CK Buttercream Icing Tub

    CK Buttercream Icing Tub is great for icing and decorating, just open and start decorating! For best results, mix the icing on low for a few minutes before use. This buttercream icing can also be used straight from the tub.

    Reg: RM20.00

  • CK Sanding Sugar

    Reg: RM9.00 - RM10.00

  • Wilton Candy Melts

    Wilton Candy Melts

    Wilton Candy Melts candy makes it deliciously easy to add vanilla-flavoured candy to desserts, snacks and more. Whether you melt it in the microwave, double-boiler or the Candy Melts Melting Pot, the melted candy is perfect for using to make candies in a candy mould. Or, dip treats in melted candy, ...

    Reg: RM29.99

  • Icing Colour

    Icing Colour

    Colour your icing with Wilton Icing Colours.

    Reg: RM7.00 - RM21.00

  • Wilton Sparkle Gel Decorating Tube

    Wilton Sparkle Gel Decorating Tube

    Make sensational effects with these tubes of sparkle gel. Perfect for decorating cakes, cookies and cupcakes, these sparkling gels come in a variety of colours and are great for lettering, fine detailing and even water effects.

    Reg: RM24.99

  • Wilton Pearl Dust

    Wilton Pearl Dust

    Wilton Pearl Dust give your cake that extra dash of excitement and fun.

    Reg: RM34.99

  • Wilton Sugar Pearls

    Wilton Sugar Pearls

    Add more colour and flavour to your cakes with this delicious Wilton Sugar Pearls! Choose the colours and make your cakes glitter with excitement and delight.

    Reg: RM20.00 - RM34.99

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