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Make your own tasty sweet treats like lollipops and cookies with our cake pops, sticks and foil wraps. Explore our baking range now from Spotlight.

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Can I purchase from Cake Pops Sticks and Foil Wraps Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Cake pops are super cute ways of serving cake, and they are a fun, versatile party food that all of your guests are sure to love. Here you will find everything that you could possibly need to create these sweet treats, including a range of sticks in a multitude of different colours. Make confectionary, lollipops or even use them in your crafts. If you are looking for the perfect finishing touch for your cake, then a foil wrap could be a great way to go. Shop online or in-store today for bargains galore across our entire baking range.

What is included in this range?

If you love nothing more than biting into a cake pop, then this range features everything that you need to make these delicious treats at home. With lollipop sticks and easy to assemble stands that will help to ensure that your recipe is a success. Treat pops are a great way to make your very own frozen delights, and kids will love getting involved with preparing these. Layer cake, icing and sprinkles and freeze for a sweet way of cooling down in the summer heat. This selection also features cake frill and foil wraps, with a whole host of different colours and designs to choose from. Whether you are looking for the perfect finishing touch for a festive cake, a birthday celebration or any other occasion, these frills would be a fantastic choice.

What can I make with lollipop sticks?

There is so much that you can do with the sticks that are featured in this collection, and while they are designed for cake pops- you can use them for so much more! Make your own candies and lollipops. Children will love having the opportunity to decorate them. Sticks can also be used for a range of different crafts, and there is a wealth of information online. The only limit truly is your imagination! If you are looking to make cake pops for your next party or just as a sweet treat at home, then you can find all the equipment that you need at Spotlight. If you are need more help on making them, check out our guide below for some handy tips and tricks that are guaranteed to up your cake pop game

How do I make Cake Pops?

Cake pops are a great choice for a party and are simple and easy to make. There is a wide selection of recipes online, and so many delectable flavours to choose from. The only limit truly is your imagination! Whether you are looking for simple vanilla, something fruity, or indulgent chocolate, cake pops are a delightful treat. You can either make the sponge cake yourself, or you can buy one ready made to save time.

Cake pops can also be a creative way of using the leftovers after you have cut your sponge cake to size. Simply whiz up the cake in a food processor, and add frosting, stirring well to ensure that it is properly combined. Then you need to create balls with a mixture and can do so with a tablespoon or an ice cream scoop. Place your cake balls in the freezer for around 30 minutes. When your cake balls have set, pop in a lollipop stick and dip into delicious icing or melted chocolate. It can be difficult to maintain the perfect circle when it is drying, and we definitely recommend having a cake pop stand.



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