Kids Craft Kits

Kids Craft Kits

View Spotlights range of Kids Craft products for exciting, fun projects the little ones can make their own.

We have Bargains Galore within in our Kids Activity, Art & Fashion Kit sections.

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  •   Rainbow Loom Monster Tail Bracelet Kit

    Rainbow Loom Monster Tail Bracelet Kit

    New from Rainbow Loom is the sensational Rainbow Loom Monster Tail Bracelet Kit. This new kit lets you create bands with the 'Monster Tail' chevron style. This authentic set comes with everything you need to get creating bands for you and your friends right away!

    Reg: RM16.00

    VIP: RM12.00

  • Rainbow Loom Bracelet Making Kit

    Rainbow Loom Bracelet Making Kit

    The original Rainbow Loom, CHA 2014 Toy of the Year....

    Reg: RM30.00

    VIP: RM22.50

  •   Crayola Washable Large Crayons

    Crayola Washable Large Crayons

    The Crayola Washable Large Crayons are soft enough to blend and hard enough to resist wear. Brilliant colours and smoother lay down. Easily washes off walls with warm water and a cloth.

    Reg: RM18.99

    VIP: RM14.24

  •   Crayola Mini Twistable Crayons

    Crayola Mini Twistable Crayons

    24 Mini Twistable Crayons with brilliant colours and smoother laydown. Crayola Twistable Crayons require no sharpening or peeling of paper label, resulting in less mess. The 6 mm thick strong Non-Toxic leads are protected in the plastic barrel meaning there is little or no waste and crayon can be us...

    Reg: RM29.99

    VIP: RM22.49

  •   Crayola Coloured Pencils

    Crayola Coloured Pencils

    Crayola Coloured Pencils are 3.3 mm thick strong leads, bright intense colours, high quality reforested wood.

    Reg: RM16.99

    VIP: RM12.74

  •   Crayola Pip-Squeaks Markers

    Crayola Pip-Squeaks Markers

    Small size - BIG COLOUR! Pip-Squeaks Washable Non-toxic Markers are bold and rich in colour. The strong reinforced nibs won't push in and best of all the markers can be rejuvenated by dipping in room temperature water if the cap is accidentally left off. The cap is also ventilated to prevent asphyxi...

    Reg: RM29.98

    VIP: RM22.48

  •   Crayola Super Tips Markers

    Crayola Super Tips Markers

    Crayola Super Tips Markers have bold rich colour, strong reinforced nibs, can be rejuvenated by dipping in warm water, ventilated cap to prevent asphyxiation.

    Reg: RM32.99

    VIP: RM24.74

  •   Faber Castell Connector Pens 30 Pack

    Faber Castell Connector Pens 30 Pack

    Faber Castell Connector Pens 30 Pack have unique child safe caps that are air tight and clip pens together for easy storage and creative play. Non-toxic water based colours washable for most clothing.

    Reg: RM39.99

    VIP: RM29.99

  •   Crayola Window Crayons

    Crayola Window Crayons

    Twist up crayons which produce bright, bold colours on all glass surfaces. Dries quickly without smudging and washes off easily.

    Reg: RM29.99

    VIP: RM22.49

  •   Faber Castell Tri-Grip Colour Pencils

    Faber Castell Tri-Grip Colour Pencils

    12 Colour shades especially selected by Art teachers. Super smooth led, colour brilliantly. Triangular shape gives better control and comfort plus also limits rolling. Leads specially bonded to help prevent breakage.

    Reg: RM16.99

    VIP: RM12.74

  •   Fairylites Magical Sun Catcher

    Fairylites Magical Sun Catcher

    Cute and friendly range of Fairylites Magical Sun Catcher encourage creativity and imagination. Evergreen quality product and age appropriate activities.

    Reg: RM34.99

    VIP: RM26.24

  •   Faber Castell Metallics Connector Pen

    Faber Castell Metallics Connector Pen

    These metallic connector pens are ideal for cards, decorations, designs and special effects. Sparkling effects, especially on dark papers. Colour overlays easily. Store horizontally.

    Reg: RM24.99

    VIP: RM18.74

  • Faber Castell Grip 2001 2B Pencils

    Faber Castell Grip 2001 2B Pencils

    The only one pencil of its kind anywhere in the world: GRIP 2001. Lead type: 2B, eco pencil. Triangular shape plus non slip also with dot grip. The patented Soft-GRIP zone prevents fingers from slipping. The ergonomic triangular shape ensures fatigue-free writing. The surface coating is made from e...

    Reg: RM5.00

    VIP: RM3.75

  •   Crayola 8 Pip-Squeaks Markers

    Crayola 8 Pip-Squeaks Markers

    Eight Pip-Squeaks snuggled in a pack, Firefly Red, Raindrop Blue... Toy Poodle Black. Eight shades make the world less dull, hip hip hooray! Small size - BIG COLOUR! Pip-Squeaks Washable Non-toxic Markers are bold and rich in colour. The strong reinforced nibs won't push in and best of all the marke...

    Reg: RM14.99

    VIP: RM11.24

  •   Wood WorX Jewellery Box

    Wood WorX Jewellery Box

    Decorate your room or shine in style with Wood Worx Jewellery Box!

    Reg: RM49.99

    VIP: RM37.49

  •   Wood WorX Flower Jewellery Stand

    Wood WorX Flower Jewellery Stand

    Made of strong plantation timber, this Wood WorX Flower Jewellery Stand are easy to assemble and perfect for creating fun.

    Reg: RM49.99

    VIP: RM37.49

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Give Your Child a New Hobby with One of the Craft Kits from Spotlight!

Many children love to craft, so the craft kits from Spotlight could certainly provide your child with a new hobby. There are several options available; this includes anything from loom bands to glitter domes and painting sets. If you want to learn more about available crafts for children, be sure to check out our overview below!

What Are Loom Bands?

Loom bands have become a genuine craze across the world; this not only with children, but also with adults. Since 2011, more than 3 million loom bands have been sold around the world. They are also quite affordable, so the perfect craft for anyone on a budget.

With loom bands, children can create all kinds of intricate projects. They could create a basic bracelet or necklace, but they could also create something more complex with the help of the so-called rainbow loom. Depending on the skill level and the age of your child, you can pick up loads of loom bands from our kid’s crafts range.

What Are Glitter Domes?

Glitter domes are also referred to as snowballs. They are figurines, surrounded by a glass dome, liquid, and some glitter or snow-like substance. You will often find these domes in gift stores, but now they also are one of the latest things to create for children.

At Spotlight, customers can find sets that contain all the items children need to create their own glitter domes; this includes the Disney Frozen Glitter Dome Set. Of course, we have other options available too. So, if you want to teach your child a new craft, glitter dome crafting is certainly a good idea.

What Is Jewellery-Making?

Jewellery making is still one of the most popular crafts amongst Australian girls, since they can create their own bracelets and necklaces with jewellery making kits. Of course, these kits may contain beads made from various materials and may vary by the age of the child.

One of the most popular materials for children’s jewellery kits is wood. Wooden beads are sturdy and durable, and are overall easier to work with. However, since jewellery beads can be quite small, they should only be used by girls of a certain age.

At Spotlight, customers can find numerous jewellery kits for children. These jewellery kits usually have a recommended age too, so be sure to check out the recommended age before obtaining one for your child.

What Are Mug Makeovers?

Another new craft that proves quite popular amongst children is the mug makeover. As the name suggest, this craft enables children to design their own mug. The child will start with a basic white mug, and can then add their own design to the mug. Of course, once the mug is made, children can use it for their favourite beverage.

Spotlight offers mug makeover kits too, which provides the child with all the tools needed to create their own mugs. One of the mug makeover kits in our catalogue is the Funky Fun Mug Makeover, an excellent choice for creative boys and girls.

What Is Woodworking?

When we think of woodworking, we often think of furniture making or other intricate projects. However, woodworking is also a craft for children, albeit less complicated than the adult version. Woodworking projects usually come in the form of a kit, which enables children to assemble their own wooden toys.

A prime example of a woodworking kit can be found at Spotlight, more specifically our Wood WorX Robot Ranger Kit. Inside this kit, children can find all the parts to create and paint their own robot, which is fully made of natural timber. The toy is designed specifically for boys, so this could be a perfect craft for a boy who likes to spend his time creatively.

There are more woodworking kits for boys available at Spotlight, including the Wood WorX Cross Street Car. Of course, the woodworking kits are not just suitable for boys, because some girls might enjoy tinkering with these kits too.

Where Can I Discover More Crafts for Children?

The crafts mentioned above are just some of the most popular ones at the time of this article, but there are many other crafts that children might enjoy. To get a full overview of the crafts children can do, simply head over to our kid’s crafts section, which will provide you with many ideas in the form of craft kits.

Are you considering one of the craft kits from Spotlight, but do you have some additional questions about the products? Or would you like a recommendation from our kid’s craft catalogue? For all these questions, and additional information about our craft range, do not hesitate to contact the Spotlight team.

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