Kids Bedroom

Kids Bedroom

Bring warmth & comfort to your childs bedroom with Spotlights Kids Bedroom range of manchester & decor.

We stock quilts, throws, blankets, sheet sets, pillows, cushions & a number of accessories.

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  • Wiggles Big Red Car Micro Quilt Cover Set

    Wiggles Big Red Car Micro Quilt Cover Set

    Wiggles Big Red Car Micro Quilt Cover Sets is the perfect addition to your kids bedroom. Accessories with the entire range of Wiggles Big Red Car, your kids will surely have lot of fun during bedtime.

    Reg: RM60.00

  • KOO Kids Antler Quilt Cover Set

    KOO Kids Antler Quilt Cover Set

    This beautiful quality KOO Kids Antler Quilt Cover Sets is made to the highest standards to suit your kids bedroom. Mix and match with KOO Kids Antler Fitted Combo for perfect and contemporary look.

    Reg: RM84.00

    VIP: RM58.80

  • Kids Stripe Rug

    Kids Stripe Rug

    Have a blast and add some zing to your interior with the Kids Stripe Rug from us at Spotlight! Lovely design with comforting-touch finish, it will surely mesmerize you and your loved ones. Come and beautify your home and add cosiness with us today!

    Reg: RM120.00

  • Cubby House Chenille Stripe Rug

    Cubby House Chenille Stripe Rug

    Add a pop of colour to your kid's bedroom with this beautiful Chenille Stripe rug. This acrylic Rug wipes clean easily, making it perfect for play time! A rubber backing helps it to stick to tiles or floor boards.

    Reg: RM30.00

  • Kids House Bright Shaggy Rug

    Kids House Bright Shaggy Rug

    Plush and durable, the Kids House Bright Shaggy Rug will provide warmth and luxurious style to any space.

    Reg: RM60.00

  • Out Of Stock Spider-man Mid Flight Pillowcase

    Spider-man Mid Flight Pillowcase

    Spider-man Mid Flight Pillowcase embellish with fun and colourful graphic to enhance your kids room decor, perfect match with their bedding and room decor. Made of a soft cotton and polyester blend fabric, perfect for your kids who love Spider-man while add a comfy touch on their bed. Shop from our ...

    Reg: RM14.00

    VIP: RM10.50

  • Out Of Stock Ladelle I'm A Star Smock

    Ladelle I'm A Star Smock

    Having a blast of creativity with the kids? Cover them up in style with the Ladelle I'm A Star Smock! Beautiful design and surely protect your kids from spills, it is surely a crafty and handy piece of apparel to have. Go and get creative with us today!

    Reg: RM30.00

  • Out Of Stock Bouclair Sweet Origami Hello Cushion

    Bouclair Sweet Origami Hello Cushion

    Introduce a contemporary flair into your bedroom decor with the Bouclair Sweet Origami Hello Cushion. Featuring playful origami-inspired design, this will add a stylish touch to any space. With a divine pastel colour palette of coral, aqua and neutral tones, enhance your bedroom and accessorise with...

    Reg: RM30.00

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Make a Child’s Bedroom More Sleep-Friendly with the Following Guide from Spotlight!

A child’s bedroom provides a child with their own personal space, so it is a good idea to add some items that could make this environment more functional and comfortable. However, sometimes there can be things that make it more difficult for a child to sleep. To help parents create a sleep-friendly environment for their child, we have created a useful guide below! So, read on to uncover how to make the best and most comfortable sleeping environment for your child.

What Lighting Is Best for My Childs Bedroom?

Light is a crucial part of your child’s sleeping environment, since bright light can trick the proverbial internal clock. If the light in your child’s bedroom is too bright, your child may experience problems going to sleep. Therefore, you must make sure that their sleeping environment has the appropriate lighting.

One of the best ways to ensure your child does not get woken up by excessive lights is by dimming the lights. If you have dimmed lights already, you can easily adjust it an hour before bed. However, if you do not have dimmed lights in your home, you could also use a dimmed nightlight before your child goes to sleep.

What Curtains Are Best for My Child’s Bedroom?

Since excessive light could affect the sleeping pattern of your child, it is important to have curtains that block any light from entering the bedroom. Fortunately, you can find these curtains at Spotlight, more specifically blackout curtains.

Children sleep better in a darkened bedroom, without any excess light coming in from the outdoors. Simply install some blackout curtains in your child’s room to keep outdoor light at bay, or obtain some blackout liners for existing curtains you installed in your child’s bedroom.

What Storage Is Best for My Child’s Bedroom?

Even though it may not be the first thing you think about, but the storage items you have in your child’s bedroom can influence their ability to have a good night sleep. When a child’s bedroom is too cluttered, it is difficult to relax and subsequently have a good sleep. Therefore, it is essential to keep your child’s bedroom as clutter-free as possible.

One of the ways to keep your child’s bedroom clutter-free is by purchasing some storage solutions. You could buy a child’s ottoman, a dresser, or stackable storage boxes that enable your child to keep all their toys and clothing organised. Doing so will undoubtedly have a good influence on your child’s sleeping pattern.

Can Shared Bedrooms Disrupt My Children’s Sleep?

For families with lots of children and limited space, it is not uncommon for two boys or two girls to share a bedroom. However, sharing a bedroom could have an impact on the sleep pattern of one or both children.

To prevent sharing a bedroom impacting your child’s sleep, it could be a good idea to have a little background noise in the bedroom. However, the background noise cannot be too overpowering, since this may impact the sleeping pattern of your children in a negative manner.

One of the ways to keep your children’s bedroom optimal for sleeping is by using a fan on the low setting; this provides a light background noise that promotes a more uniform environment. However, you could also choose something like a sound machine, which is a popular way to optimise the sleeping environment of children.

What Bedding Is Best for My Child’s Bedroom?

Good bedding is also an important part of your child’s sleeping experience, so investing in the correct mattress, pillows, and covers will certainly have a good influence on your child’s sleep.

To make sure your child has a comfortable bed, always make sure your child’s mattress provides ample support. It is also important to choose cosy and comfortable covers and the right size pillows, since these also contribute to the comfort of a bed.

If your child seems reluctant to go to sleep, it could also help to provide them with an extra comfortable blanket or a teddy bear. Having a companion at bedtime especially helps young children to sleep, since they must make the transition from being with mum and dad to sleeping in their bedroom alone.

Does Spotlight Offer Products to Optimise My Child’s Sleeping Environment?

At Spotlight, customers can find countless items that could optimise a child’s sleeping environment; this includes all the items we mentioned here today. Of course, there are many other items that could create an optimal sleeping environment for your child, so be sure to check out some additional products offered in the bedroom catalogue.

Do you have a question about the kid’s bedroom products at Spotlight? Or do you need some recommendations? Do not hesitate to contact Spotlight for more info.

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