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Fuel Your Kids' Creativity with the Kids' Art Products from Spotlight!

There are many ways to encourage creativity in children, and one of the ways is choosing one of the creative items from the Spotlight catalogue. Today, we are covering some of our most popular creative items, so be sure to read on and discover the best options for creative children!

What Is the Most Popular Creative Toy at Spotlight?

The most popular creative toy at this time is the Skwooshi Activity Set. Inside this activity set, children can find a compound called Skwooshi, which is mouldable and stretchable. It is also a type of playdough that never dries out, so it could be the perfect creative toy for many children.

Skwooshi is also quite environmentally-friendly. The compound is mess free, and is 100% non-toxic. With it, children can create some amazing characters, shapes, and even constructions. What else could a creative child need to stay entertained?

What Is the Second Most Popular Creative Toy at Spotlight?

The second most popular toy at Spotlight is closely related to the Skwooshi Activity Set, because it is none other than the classic creative toy plasticine. Plasticine has been around for more than a hundred years, so it is certainly a reliable creative toy for many children in Australia.

Like Skwooshi, plasticine is a modelling material. From the age of three, children can create figurines, shapes, structures, and much more. Also, if you are considering getting some plasticine for your child, be sure to consider some modelling tools too, which could help to create even more intricate models!

What Is the Third Most Popular Creative Toy at Spotlight?

The next toy on the most popular list is the Sculpey Silkscreen Kit. Inside this kit, you can find four silk screens, two different types of paints and a squeegee. Each of these tools is used to personalise clay projects - this with the help of fourteen different patterns that are also hidden in this set. Therefore, we recommend using the Sculpey Silkscreen Kit in combination with one of our clay or plasticine sets.

What Is the Fourth Most Popular Creative Toy at Spotlight?

Our next suggestion is one of the most popular creative toys for girls, because it is our Micador Air Clay Berrylicious Jewellery Kit. As the name of this product suggests, girls can use this kit to create their own necklaces, bracelets, and even bag charms!

Inside the Micador Air Clay Berrylicious Jewellery Kit, children can find air clay, glittery air foam, and a bundle of string, an advanced modelling tool, and instructions on how to make jewellery pieces. It is certainly a kit that will keep girls entertained for many hours, so we certainly suggest it as a gift for a birthday or Christmas.

What Is the Fifth Most Popular Creative Toy at Spotlight?

Another wonderful creative toy from Spotlight is the Micador Art Set Easy Wash Set. Inside this set, children will find eight different paints - this includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white. The paints can be used as face paint, since it is easy to remove the paint. However, it is also used to put art on clothing and other mediums. Of course, the paint is easily washed out of clothing too.

What Is the Sixth Most Popular Creative Toy at Spotlight?

The sixth most popular creative toy at Spotlight is perfect for children who like to paint or draw, since our next suggestion is the Micador Easy Wash Carry Paint Studio. The set contains a small easel, specifically designed for children. The easel can be put on a table or desk, enabling children to use it anywhere at any time.

In addition to the easel, the Micador Easy Wash Paint Studio also includes twenty-eight colour disks, a paint brush, ten coloured chalks, a water container, a sponge duster, ten sheets of A4 painting paper, and clips to keep that painting paper on the easel. All these materials are easily stored inside the set, since the set contains a carry case with different compartments. In conclusion, the Micador Easy Wash Paint Studio is a wonderful gift for any creative child who wants to practice their drawing or painting skills.

What Other Creative Toys for Children Are Available at Spotlight?

Today, we mentioned some of our most popular creative toys in our catalogue, but there are many others just waiting to be discovered. If you would like some more inspiration where creative toys are concerned, be sure to check out the kids' art catalogue on the Spotlight website.

Do you have a question about one of the creative toys available at Spotlight? Do not hesitate to contact our team via telephone or email for more information.



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