Worldly Wonders Trend: Home decor ideas to add flavour to your home

Worldly Wonders Trend: Home decor ideas to add flavour to your home

Beautiful South East Asia has served as a popular holiday destination for Australians for many decades, with culture-rich histories stretching back millennia and opulent design influences offering a true sensory indulgence.

To immerse yourself through home decorating in the magnificence of the wider South East Asian region, head into a Spotlight store - or browse online - and select items inspired by our Worldly Wonders trend. Choose carefully and you'll have no trouble imagining yourself in an Asian market or bazaar where maximalism, rather than minimalism, invigorates the senses at every turn.

Here's how you can go about it…

In the bedroom

Worldly Wonders bedding

Bed styling in the fashion of Worldly Wonders is one that inspires the most imaginative of dreams with bright colours and intricate patterns, often contrasted in bold and exciting ways.

If you choose to use patterning in the rest of the room - or in your bed throw rug and cushions - you may go for a plain or lightly textured bedspread, but never one that is demure. Instead, find a vivid colour or design that you love and that can showcase your bed as the centrepiece of the room. Couple it with tactile sheets of the silkiest kind and you'll think you're in a palace in Rajasthan.

In the furnishings

Soft furnishings

All the soft furnishings in your home - from your bedroom to your bathroom to your living room décor - are ripe for an overhaul in the flavour of Worldly Wonders. With fabric in cotton canvas prints or the most vibrant of block colours, you can reinvigorate an old couch, footstool, cushions, curtains - you name it - with an elaborate design that immediately changes the feel of the whole room and, by extension, the house itself.

Be inspired by tile-like patterns that recall the Ottoman Empire, tropical prints direct from a beach in Goa or the elephant design accents that are so emblematic across the whole of the sub-continent. Channel the hue of Jaipur - the 'Pink City' - and, remember, you're only limited by your imagination.

On the walls

Wall art

Walls are the largest vertical space in your house, so wall art offers so much potential when it comes to introducing a new interior design trend into your home.

You may produce a gallery wall with your South East Asian family holiday memories from years gone by, or you could even create a mood board of experiences that you wish to add to your bucket list. Whatever the motivation, think beyond the traditional concept of wall art prints and consider decorating your walls with mandalas, rugs and woven or patterned ornaments.

On the dining table

Table & dining sets

A table or dining set with Worldly Wonders in mind is one where the artisanal, traditional craft-based aspects of a local market meet with ornate, palatial decadence - and nothing in-between will do.

Find your vibe with woven mats and wooden or raw-material-based crockery and cutlery sets, or royally elevate your dining experience with brilliantly coloured, embossed plates, drinking goblets and other gorgeous dining accessories that will immediately have you sharing a table with the Maharaja.

On the floor

Rugs & mats

Walk on exotic, distant lands by recreating a distinctly South East Asian design aspect under your feet. With the right rugs and mats, you'll literally feel the sun-blessed earth of another world through your toes!

Jute and cotton floor rugs are inexpensive, durable and interchangeable as the desire for something new arises. Some rugs and mats come reversible too, so once you tire of one design, you can flip them over and enjoy another.

In the home décor

Ornamentation in the home decor

If you really want to turn your home into the Taj Mahal, you'll pepper it with the ornamentation that creates magic in the details.

Through Buddha statues, copper and brass trays and other accessories, shadow-cut lamps, decorative jars and vases and scented candles, you can introduce items of South East Asian provenance into every corner of your home.

The rich spices, fragrant aromas, intense colours and heavily patterned textiles of the Worldly Wonders trend give us the opportunity to celebrate the exoticism of different cultures - contemporary blended seamlessly with the ancient - within our own homes. Open your hearts and minds to the possibilities. Shop the full range online now.




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