How to make these 3 festive Christmas cookies from one quick recipe

How to make these 3 festive Christmas cookies from one quick recipe

Add a personal touch to your festivities these holidays with these three quick and easy Christmas cookie ideas! Using only one recipe, you can quickly whip up these cute and delicious Christmas tree cookies so you can spend more quality time with your family and loved ones. Don't worry if you're not an expert when it comes to Christmas desserts - our helpful video will guide you through every step, and our project sheet will outline everything you'll need.

With just our Living Space Festive Tree Cookie Cutter and Mondo Crinkle Cookie Cutter Set, you'll see just how easy it is to create these fun Christmas tree shapes that your kids will love! We'll also walk you through the different decorating techniques that'll ensure your handmade Christmas treats will look amazing.

Your guests will love this easy biscuit recipe, which has a scrumptious, vanilla shortbread taste. Using our Biscuit No Spread Vanilla Mix, you can quickly make the cookie dough in only a couple of minutes. Once you've rolled the dough, cut out the shapes for all three cookies and baked them in the oven, grab your piping bag - it's decorating time!

Our video tutorial will show you how to easily make a cute squiggle Christmas tree, an adorable three-tier tree, and a colourful ombre Christmas tree. Some essentials you'll need are sprinkles, a palette knife, buttercream, food colouring, a piping bag and fondant, which are all listed in our project sheet.

To go that extra step, serving on a wooden grazing board will give your cookies the perfect backdrop. And for top marks in presentation, scattering some pinecones and baubles around the table is a great finishing touch to your festive Christmas cookie platter!

Shop all our festive baking products online now to ensure you have everything you need to make these quick and easy Christmas cookies. With the time you'll save using one recipe, why not make these 3 simple DIY Christmas decorations to add a personal touch to your living room.




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