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Cleaning efficiently and effectively

Along with the right cleaning supplies and cleaning products, there are some simple methods that every household should put into practice to keep the home spic & span.

Make a list of tasks - by first knowing what needs to be done, you can then do a good job of cleaning the house from top to bottom.

Do it all at once - taking a piecemeal approach to cleaning just drags things out, and means you never get the satisfaction of a properly cleaned home. In planning your tasks, make sure the whole house is cleaned in one fell swoop.

Get the whole family cleaning - once your list is completed, assign tasks to different people in the household so everyone can take pride in having a clean home - not to mention, appreciate the work that goes into cleaning.

Clear all the clutter - cleaning also means tidying, and tidying should be the very first step in the process so you can access surfaces, such as countertops, without fuss. Make sure you have essentials - like clothes airers, washing baskets, laundry baskets, laundry hampers - so the clutter can be stowed somewhere other than on the floor.

Get the right cleaning products - the right cleaning supplies can make a world of difference when cleaning. Choose quality items like heavy duty scrubbers, pet hair brushes, long handheld dustpans, dusting gloves and microfibre cleaning pads to make light work out of heavy work.

Laundry tips and tricks

Having a routine for the laundry can turn a never-ending chore into something surprisingly enjoyable. You might even learn to love it!

Sort your laundry in advance - invest in different laundry hampers for sorting your laundry into whites, coloureds and delicates. Train the family to put dirty items in the appropriate laundry basket.

Hang damp items to avoid wrinkles - ironing can be reduced by immediately hanging damp items after they've been washed on airing racks. Consider putting a towel over the airing rack so jumpers dry flat and don't sag.

Save your back with a laundry trolley - wheel your laundry from the washing machine/dryer to the clothesline to wardrobes (and vice versa) with a quality laundry trolley.

Keep laundry accessories close at hand - storage containers or storage baskets keep your laundry supplies within easy reach, and ensure everything stays perfectly organised.

Give your laundry a fragrant boost - scent boosters are a lovely way to make your laundry fresher and more pleasant for ironing and wearing.

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