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What Is Your Perfect Blanket? Find Out at Spotlight!

We all love a good blanket in our home, especially those we snuggle up with in front of the telly. Of course, not all blankets are the same, so you will find blankets with many different characteristics and properties out there! Curious which blanket is perfect for you? Find out by reading our guide to blankets below.

What Is a Throw Blanket?

Throw blankets can be light or heavy, depending on the material they are made of. The throw blanket is designed to keep you warm when it gets a little chilly, without making you feel too warm or uncomfortable. So, the throw blanket could be a perfect choice for a cold night.

Please note that a throw blanket is not the same as a fleece blanket. Even though a throw blanket can be made from fleece, they are usually a lot larger than the average fleece blanket.

What Is a Fleece Blanket?

The fleece blanket is often the favourite blanket of anyone who prefers comfort over anything else. Since they are made from a soft fleece material, they feel soft and can help to keep you warm when you are a little chilly. However, most fleece blankets are quite thin, so they can only keep you warm up to a certain level.

What Is an Afghan Blanket?

An Afghan blanket is a specific type of throw blanket. The Afghan blanket is usually handmade, so it can be knitted or crocheted. Of course, this technique does pose some unique problems, since this blanket will be filled with little holes. Therefore, Afghan blankets are not suitable to keep you warm.

Still, there is a specific purpose for the Afghan blanket. The Afghan blanket is commonly used to add a decorative touch to the sofa in the living room or the bed in the bedroom. So, if you feel like either room is missing a certain something, the Afghan blanket could still be an option.

What Is a Faux Fur Throw?

If you stand firmly against animal cruelty, then a faux-fur throw could be the perfect addition to your home. Faux-fur is a manmade material, but still provides some of the benefits commonly associated with fur.

Faux-fur is also a material that is easy to maintain - this makes it a better choice for households with children. Faux-fur blankets can be machine washed, but they should be put on a gentle cycle to ensure the fluffiness of the fibres is maintained. It is also recommended to let the throw air dry, since tumble drying could affect the fibres of the blanket.

The synthetic nature of faux-fur also ensures a certain breathability. While cotton is often associated with breathability, faux-fur is surprisingly breathable as well. So, in addition to keeping you warm and comfortable, a faux-fur blanket can prevent excessive sweating, a problem that is commonly experienced with blankets that are less breathable.

What Is a Tufted Throw?

A tufted throw can be made from various materials - this includes natural fibres such as cotton, but also manmade fibres such as polyester. The main characteristic of a tufted throw is the presence of a single tuft at the end of the blanket, although multiple tufts are also a possibility.

Much like the Afghan blanket, tufted throws are mainly obtained from decorative reasons. While they provide some degree of warmth, they are usually thin and textured, making them more suitable for decorative accents in the home.

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