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Upgrade Your Home with New Chairs! Find the Best Options for Your Home in Our Useful Chair Guide!

There is an astronomical amount of chair types you could consider for your home, so Australians who are looking for a new chair addition often find themselves spending hours online to find the right option. To help you find the perfect chair for your home, we have created a guide with common chair types below.

What Is the Bikini Chair?

The bikini chair, also known under the name wire chair, was invented by Charles & Ray Eames in 1951. The overall design of the chair is characterised by various metal wires, but also by two cushions resembling a bikini in the middle of the chair.

Bikini chairs can provide you with many benefits, but the main advantage of this chair is its lightness. If you want to avoid having heavy chairs in your home, a wire chair might be the advised solution.

What Is the Cantilever Chair?

While most people associate a chair with four legs, this design is not applicable to the cantilever chair. The cantilever chair has seating and framework that is held by a single or a maximum of two legs, giving the chair its unique L-shape.

Cantilever chairs are recommended for anyone who loves a little more openness in their home. It is often a recommended choice for smaller living rooms or dining rooms, since the L-shaped design of the chairs often leave a more spacious impression.

What Is the Dining Chair?

Most Australians believe that all chairs are dining chairs, but this is not the case! Dining chairs have a specific design, more specifically a mid-back without any arms on the side. Of course, dining chairs can come in various colours and designs, which makes them still a wonderful choice for your dining room.

What Is the Egg Chair?

Australians who are looking for ultra-modern chairs, should certainly consider the egg chair. As the name of this chair suggests, the egg chair resembles a large egg. The seating is hollowed out in the design of the chair and often padded with comfortable padding or some cushions.

Egg chairs can be fixed in place or can rotate. The fixed egg chairs can be used for the dining table, while rotating egg chairs could be used as a desk chair. So, despite being ultra-modern, this type of chair has an endless number of applications.

What Is the Fiddleback Chair?

The fiddleback chair has a traditional design with four legs but has a special back. Inside the back of the fiddleback chair, you can see a distinct design that resembles the front of a fiddle. Most fiddleback chairs are made from wood, but some modern interpretations could provide this type of chair in a metal material.

What Is the Folding Chair?

A folding chair is not a common fixture in most homes, since this type of chair is often used as a spare. When you have visitors over, but not enough seats to go around, then a folding chair could be the perfect option for you.

As the name of this chair already indicates, a folding chair can be folded up and stored for a considerable amount of time. Most designs of foldable chairs are quite basic too, since they are not used that often.

What Other Types of Chairs Are Available Today?

We mentioned some common types of chairs already, but there are many others that you could encounter! Additional chairs you could encounter include the Dante chair, desk chair, carver chair, car chair, captain's chair, and countless others. So, make sure to keep your options open and discover them all to ensure you made the right choice.



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