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Furniture for house-proud shoppers

Furniture can be difficult to purchase because, if you make the wrong decision, it's going to cost you a whole lot in both time and money. But there are some ways to ensure savvy shopping when it comes to these bigger ticket home furniture items.

Plan your style, theme and budget

Think carefully about the kind of look & feel that suits your home and will make you and your family happy. Or something else? Once you've landed on the style or theme you'd like for your home, work out your cost threshold and then stick with it, so you don't blow your budget.

Harmonise materials and covers

As part of your style and theme, you'll want to make sure you settle on a coordinated colour and texture scheme too. Bold and bright? Or soft and neutral? You need to know what you're hoping to achieve with your soft furnishing items, otherwise the results will be confused and unsatisfying. Consider making your own bench seat cushions or other seat cushions to create the design 'glue' that binds everything together.

Use existing furniture

Overhauling your home decor doesn't mean throwing everything out. Look systematically at the contents of your home and decide what matches your new theme and what does not. You will find that old furniture is often given new life by positioning it in different ways and partnering it with new furnishings and accessories.

Start with the largest items

Think about how the larger items, such as couches and tables, will look in the rooms of your home and then match them not just to style but to size as well. You'll need to measure the dimensions of the room along with the furniture to make sure a big item doesn't dwarf the room and vice versa.

Reflect your lifestyle

As much as you may want a luxurious home filled with antiques and plush velvets, if you're caring for young kids, this may not be the most practical interior design scheme. Give some thought to how your style and the realities of your life will come together.

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