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Glues And Adhesives That You Need For Your Hobby Room

There are many glues and adhesives to choose from at Spotlight, but which should be a part of your hobby room. Let us take a closer look at the adhesives and glues that cannot be missing from your home.

What Are The Must-Have Adhesives For Children's Crafting Projects?

Glue is a vital component of childhood crafting projects, so there is no doubt that a lot of our customers are looking for the most suitable glues and adhesives for kids. But which are the best for those crafting projects and regular use at school?

Elmer's Washable Clear Glue: There are a bunch of all-purpose glues that are brilliant for school projects and crafting projects at home. One of these is Elmer's Washable Clear Glue, which is a suitable choice for primary school projects.

Since Elmer's Washable Clear Glue is suitable for almost all materials, you can use it for an unlimited number of crafting projects. Of course, this glue should only be used by children who can use it safely. If your child is too young, be sure to do the gluing yourself.

Confetti glue: Some adhesives are created for more than just bonding things together. Some glues are actually used for decorative purposes too. So, if a crafting project cannot have any unwanted glue spots, you could consider some confetti glue instead.

Glow in the dark glue: Another brilliant glue you can obtain for your children's crafting projects is glow in the dark glue. Like confetti glue, they provide a decorative accent on any crafting project. And as the name suggests, the glue glows in the dark too!

What Are The Must-Have Adhesives Or Glues For Adult Crafting?

There are a bunch of things you need glue for as an adult. You might need it for crafting, or maybe you need some glue in your home to fix decorations or other broken items. So, which glues should you have in your collection?

Any Gorilla glue: One of the best glues out there is Gorilla glue, which comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms these days. You can get basic Gorilla glue, but also dedicated wood glue and super glue.

The type of Gorilla glue you acquire depends heavily on the items you glue on a regular basis. Super glue is a great option for those temporary fixes, while Gorilla wood glue is a perfect option for woodcraft. Of course, you could also obtain a variety of Gorilla glue to ensure you are prepared for any possible circumstance.

Elmer's glue: While Gorilla glue is an outstanding glue for any situation, you can consider some Elmer's glue as well. Since this glue is extremely suitable for any papercraft, you may want to have some of this glue at hand for cardmaking, scrapbooking and other papercraft projects.

Glue gun: For those heavy-duty gluing projects, you may want to obtain a glue gun as well. Glue guns are suitable for a variety of situations, including fixing furniture and even creating high-end party decorations and centrepieces. So, if you are the creative and handy type, you simply need some glue guns in your hobby room.

Check Out The Range Of Stationary Glues And Adhesives

The best range of stationary glues and adhesives can only be found at Spotlight. From brands such as Gorilla to Gloo and Elmer's, all the biggest brands can easily be found in the Spotlight catalogue.

All glues and adhesives in the Spotlight collection are available for the sharpest price. Not sure which glue is best for you? Why not check out the range, read the product description to determine which glue matches your requirements, and take advantage of our amazingly sharp and affordable prices?



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