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Choosing rugs and floor mats for your home

It pays to give some thought to choosing rugs or mats because your floor coverings are some of the hardest working items in the house, performing very important decorative and functional roles.

Jute rugs

Jute is a vegetable fibre that, when braided into thick ropes, creates a surprisingly soft and cushiony jute rug, although very durable too. Its natural look adds a more exotic or organic element to any room.

Round rugs

Choosing a round rug is a great way to break up the sharp geometric angles of furniture in the home, especially when it comes to sectioning out space, such as under a round kitchen or dining table. Rounder mats work well in smaller areas too, like the bathroom.

Door mats

Purpose-designed to protect the home from nasties on the soles of your shoes, door mats are made from tough materials like coir and sisal, and they invariably come with rubber-backing so you don't slip while wiping your feet. Many homes will have door mats with quirky designs or even words (e.g. Beware of the cat) for a little bit of fun.

Hall runners

The hall can be a neglected space but, with hall runners, you're not only giving it a massive design lift but you're ensuring the floorboards or carpet in a high traffic area of the home are well protected.

Wool rugs

Wool rugs come in limitless shapes, sizes and patterns, and are celebrated for their comfort combined with durability. Rugs or mats made from wool have dense fibres that create a high pile, which means they are particularly luxurious.

Shaggy rugs

Characterised by their extremely thick pile and plush texture, shaggy rugs are an absolute delight to feel through your fingers and toes, most often used as a showpiece floor covering or to give the room a cosy feel. Shaggy rugs can be created from natural fibres but they may also be faux fur rugs.

Cotton rugs

Like their wool counterparts, cotton rugs and mats are durable, varied and offer the benefits of a natural fibre, which makes them very popular. Generally, cotton rugs are lighter than wool, which means they may also be available at a cheaper price.

Synthetic rugs

Along with the immense range of styles and sizes available, synthetic rugs and mats - in fibres such as acrylics, polyester and polypropylene - are popular due to their water-repelling abilities when compared to natural fibres such as cotton, jute and wool.

Different ways to use floor rugs and mats

Rather than thinking of your rugs and mats as something to walk on, consider them to be artwork for your floor. You can use them to introduce personality into the home, interconnect different areas and turn a room that might otherwise be cold and bare into something warm and inviting.

When planning the layout, style and textures of floor mats and rugs across your home, measure the room and the spaces first, sketch a floorplan of your room on paper marking out the furniture, and then use this plan to experiment putting rugs and mats of your choice in different spots.

Make sure you read our buying guide for more tips about different ways to use rugs and mats.

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