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Add a burst of colour and style to your designs with our Mermaid Fabric Collection! Mix and match with the wide selection of colour variations and find what you are after with this on-trend fabric collection.

From print designs ranging from metallic mermaid scales to mermaid sequins that dazzles and shines, the Mermaid collection is perfect for cosplay, costumes and crafting.

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  • Mermaid Montreaux Drill

    Mermaid Montreaux Drill

    Add some wonderful and colourful mystical theme to your sew projects with this marvellous Mermaid Montreaux Drill. Catchy design that will definitely make you in tune with the waves, this piece is a beautiful addition to any sew projects you have in mind!

    Reg: RM25.00 per metre

  •   Glitter Mermaid Fleece

    Glitter Mermaid Fleece

    Well suiting for themed costumes as the name suggested, this Glitter Mermaid Fleece adds in the zest and sparkle you need to make your projects shine and unique. This tantalizing texture and material will definitely mesmerise, take home yours and sew away.

    Reg: RM59.99

    VIP: RM35.99

  •   Mermaid Printed Flannel

    Mermaid Printed Flannel

    Travel to fantasy and get mesmerized while working on your sew projects with this enchanting Mermaid Printed Flannel. Mystical creatures bring to life into your projects, plus the added comfort to improve your sew projects.

    Reg: RM29.99

    VIP: RM20.99

  •   Mermaid Sequin

    Mermaid Sequin

    With a hint of shimmer that will surely add zest to your sewing projects, this scintillating Mermaid Sequin fits for your creative and out of the ordinary sew projects. Make something with a unique tone and create something truly your own with us.

    Reg: RM89.99

    VIP: RM53.99

  •   Mermaids Printed Poplin Fabric

    Mermaids Printed Poplin Fabric

    Mystical creatures in the deep sea, add more magical hints to your sew projects using this captivating Mermaids Printed Poplin Fabric from Printed Poplin range! This stunning cotton poplin offers unparalleled comfort, soft to the touch feel texture to add delight and help enhance your sew projects t...

    Reg: RM49.99

    VIP: RM34.99

  •   Mermaid Printed Novelty Satin

    Mermaid Printed Novelty Satin

    Novelty Satin fabric for your upcoming sewing projects.

    Reg: RM39.99

    VIP: RM23.99

  •   Mermaid Printed Cotton Jersey

    Mermaid Printed Cotton Jersey

    Printed Cotton Jersey Mermaid print to design your dresses or for your little ones! Cotton comforts your skin and Polyester to keep you dry and away from moisture and bacteria any time.

    Reg: RM74.99

    VIP: RM44.99

  •   Mermaid #1 Panne Velvet

    Mermaid #1 Panne Velvet

    Panne Velvet Mermaid tail pattern fabric for your upcoming sewing project.

    Reg: RM44.99

    VIP: RM26.99

  •   Out Of Stock Mermaid Collection Sequin

    Mermaid Collection Sequin

    Add a refreshing touch of shimmering and creative hints in your next sewing or dressmaking project with this decorative Mermaid Collection Sequin. This nylon made Mermaid Collection Sequin will definitely bring an extra dimension of luxe and glam to your masterpiece. With a lovely range for you to c...

    Reg: RM174.99

    VIP: RM104.99

  •   Out Of Stock Mermaid #2 Panne Velvet

    Mermaid #2 Panne Velvet

    Panne Velvet Mermaid tail pattern fabric for your upcoming sewing project.

    Reg: RM44.99

    VIP: RM26.99

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