Flick Sticks

Flick Sticks

Make light work of opening and closing tall or heavy curtains with these handy flick sticks (also called curtain wands) from Spotlight. Also, ideal to avoid marks or damage to delicate curtain fabrics such as sheers, they can operate various types of blind.

Choose from white or clear to match your decor, and simply clip onto the curtain ring or glider to operate your curtains with ease.

These 75 cm long flick sticks can also be used as replacements for broken blind sticks, as they simply clip onto an existing fixing.

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  • Tribeca Small Flick Stick

    Tribeca Small Flick Stick

    Opening and closing curtains by hand can leave dirt and stains, so keep your curtains pristine with this smart Tribeca Small Flick Stick, designed for simple operation. It is made from excellent and high quality acrylic plus metal combination material which offer stunning beauty, elegant finish plus...

    Reg: RM16.99

  • Tribeca Large Flick Stick

    Tribeca Large Flick Stick

    Suitable for many uses around the home, this handy Tribeca Large Flick Stick has been made from durable materials to provide a lasting product which won't let you down. It is made from high quality and excellent acrylic plus metal combination material which offer elegant finish, stunning beauty plus...

    Reg: RM13.99

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What are flick sticks?

Flick sticks, also sometimes known as (curtain) wands, are slim poles usually made from plastic, fibreglass or metal that can be used to open and close curtains, without having to pull the fabric by hand. This can be useful if you have delicate or light-coloured curtains that are going to show marks easily.

Can I purchase flick sticks at Spotlight?

Yes, our range of curtains, poles, tracks and accessories would not be complete without some flick sticks. Our flick sticks are made from acrylic and will attach to your curtains or curtain runners with a small metal clip. They are available in clear and white.

Can I use flick sticks with all curtains?

Because the flick stick needs to be attached to the curtain, it is not suitable for use with eyelet, tab top or rod pocket curtains. Any curtain that has header tape attached, runs along a track or hangs from curtain rings, will be able to have a flick stick attached to it.

Can I use flick sticks for anything else?

Flick sticks can sometimes also be used to operate blinds, but this depends on the type of blind and the way it is manufactured. Most blinds that can be operated in this way will come complete with flick sticks, but the flick sticks available at Spotlight could be used as replacements if needed.

How do I care for my flick sticks?

Flick sticks should not need much looking after, apart from some dusting and the occasional wipe with a damp cloth to get rid of surface dirt. Make sure that you hold the flick stick away from the curtain(s) when cleaning, to avoid getting chemicals or fluids on your curtain material.

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