Need a good set of tracks for your indoor curtains?

Look no further than Spotlight and take advantage of our large collection of indoor curtain tracks.

From hand drawn tracks to bendy tracks, you can find them all in our catalogue!

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  • Tribeca Small Flick Stick

    Tribeca Small Flick Stick

    Opening and closing curtains by hand can leave dirt and stains, so keep your curtains pristine with this smart Tribeca Small Flick Stick, designed for simple operation. It is made from excellent and high quality acrylic plus metal combination material which offer stunning beauty, elegant finish plus...

    Reg: RM16.99

  • Tribeca Large Flick Stick

    Tribeca Large Flick Stick

    Suitable for many uses around the home, this handy Tribeca Large Flick Stick has been made from durable materials to provide a lasting product which won't let you down. It is made from high quality and excellent acrylic plus metal combination material which offer elegant finish, stunning beauty plus...

    Reg: RM13.99

  • Tribeca Staple Gun

    Tribeca Staple Gun

    Caprice Staple Gun is easy to use for heavy duty and provide a secure grasp. It is perfect for hanging insulation or attaching packing and shipping materials.

    Reg: RM46.99

  • Tribeca Staples

    Tribeca Staples

    Caprice Staples are for mini hand tacker. It is perfect for clinching thin sheet of papers.

    Reg: RM13.99

  • Tribeca Heavy Duty Staple Gun

    Tribeca Heavy Duty Staple Gun

    Staple your worries away and have your stapling needs met with this remarkable and durable Tribeca Heavy Duty Staple Gun! It features of easy-squeeze handle to bring you much convenience to make quick work. It provides strength and durability to meet professional staple needs. Sturdy and give you an...

    Reg: RM84.99

  • Tribeca Heavy Duty Staples

    Tribeca Heavy Duty Staples

    Staple your worries away and have your stapling needs met with this remarkable and durable Tribeca Heavy Duty Staples!

    Reg: RM20.99

  •   Tribeca Heavy Duty Hand Track

    Reg: RM54.99 - RM135.99

    VIP: RM44.99

  • Tribeca Manhattan Curtain Track Gliders

    Tribeca Manhattan Curtain Track Gliders

    Constructed from durable material and shaped for easy manoeuvring, this handy pack of Tribeca Manhattan Curtain Track Gliders contains enough items to hang several pairs of curtains. This bulk pack will enable you to add or replace gliders without the need to buy another track. Easy to fit and insta...

    Reg: RM46.99

  • Caprice Manhattan Hand Drawn Track

    Reg: RM37.99 - RM54.99

  • Tribeca Manhattan Gliders

    Tribeca Manhattan Gliders

    Seeking for gliders to add to your curtain slides? Well, we have just the thing for you! This marvellous Tribeca Manhattan Gliders from Tribeca Manhattan are for use with heavy duty and Manhattan tracks. Made from high quality and excellent plastic material, these sturdy gliders offer durable and su...

    Reg: RM20.99

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Can I purchase curtain tracks at Spotlight?

Spotlight offers tracks for a variety of curtains including sheers, lightweight, and heavyweight curtains. Other choices include hand drawn or corded tracks. In addition, you will find extra runners, end stops, joining pieces and more in this range, so you can combine pieces of track to fit the widest window openings. Some curtain tracks are extendable and can be adjusted to fit, while others can be cut to size to fit the window.

What kind of curtain track should I use?

It is important to match the weight of your curtain track to the curtains. Sheer curtains will only need a lightweight track, whereas full-length, heavy curtains will need something more substantial, particularly if your window is large and the curtains will be closed on a regular basis. If you dont want to touch your curtains when drawing and opening them, you can choose to use a corded track which allows you to pull a cord by the side of the window, or opt to use a flick stick that hangs down by the side of your curtain and can be pulled to move the curtain along the track.

How do I measure up for a curtain track?

You will need to decide if you want to have your curtains hang in front of the window or by the side of the window when they are in the open position. Sometimes you dont have a choice due to the configuration of the windows, but if there is room, then you will let more light in by extending the curtain rail past the window on both sides.

Also, although you can join tracks, curtains dont always slide easily over a join so if you can put the join in the middle, where the curtains meet, that will save you possible problems later on. Curtain tracks that need to cover longer distances or go around corners will benefit from extra support brackets.

Does Spotlight stock extra gliders for curtain tracks?

Yes, you can get extra gliders for all our curtain tracks here. It is always advisable to get some spare gliders when buying curtain tracks as gliders are exposed to sunlight a lot of the time, which makes them brittle after a period of time, and just when you decide to take down your curtains for washing, you might find several of the gliders breaking in the process. New gliders will easily clip onto your track to solve the problem.

What else is available in the track range?

If you notice any draughts around the edges of windows or doors while installing your curtains, or you have a problem with dust blowing in, check out our various options for door and window seals. Choose from rolls of self-adhesive sealing tape, that can be cut to size to fit your door and window openings, as well as purpose-made door seals in a variety of designs.

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