Rod Brackets

Rod Brackets

Make light work of putting up curtain rods no matter how big your window with these rod brackets from Spotlight.

Available in a range of sizes to fit various fixing systems, add extra brackets to your curtain rods for heavy curtains, or finish the look of your window with a valance in front of your curtains with our double brackets.

Rod brackets are available in wood and metal finishes, and the range also includes end stops, end brackets and bridge brackets, to enable you to finish off your window dressing in style.

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  • Windowshade Wood Brackets

    Windowshade Wood Brackets

    Add a new and sturdy look to your curtain rod with this marvellous Windowshade Wood Brackets! Sturdy wood look and feel, it surely built to last.

    Reg: RM20.00 - RM37.99

  • Filigree Hawkesbury Double Bracket

    Filigree Hawkesbury Double Bracket

    Create a luscious layered effect with your curtains by using these sturdy double brackets to hang two rods above a single window.

    Reg: RM15.00

  • Tribeca 16 mm Conduit Stayed Bracket

    Tribeca 16 mm Conduit Stayed Bracket

    Looking for brackets for your curtains and blinds? Well look no further, this Tribeca 16 mm Conduit Stayed Bracket will surely fasten your curtains and blinds in no time, hassle-free and easy!

    Reg: RM9.99 - RM12.99

  • Tribeca Stayed Double Bracket

    Tribeca Stayed Double Bracket

    An ideal accessory to ensure your curtain pole is securely held in place exactly where you want it, this set of two brackets also includes the necessary fixings.

    Reg: RM16.99

  • Tribeca Stayed Single Bracket

    Tribeca Stayed Single Bracket

    Hardwearing in durable metal, these supportive stayed brackets will hold your curtain pole in place and they come complete with screws for convenience.

    Reg: RM7.99 - RM9.99

  • Tribeca Stayed Single Bracket

    Tribeca Stayed Single Bracket

    Ensure your curtain rod is fixed securely to your wall with this set of practical and hardwearing metal stayed brackets.

    Reg: RM9.99

  • Tribeca Stayed Bracket

    Tribeca Stayed Bracket

    This handy stayed bracket set comes complete with screws so you can immediately install your curtain rod and ensure that it's firmly fixed in place without any fuss.

    Reg: RM13.99

  • Tribeca Unstayed Bracket

    Tribeca Unstayed Bracket

    Ideal for holding a curtain or blind pole securely in place, this pair of brackets comes with all the required fixings to attach it safely and easily to the wall.

    Reg: RM9.99 - RM12.99

  • Tribeca Muslin Bracket

    Tribeca Muslin Bracket

    With their convenient snap-fit feature, the sturdy brackets in this practical set make fitting a curtain rod into a pelmet or window reveal a simple, fuss-free procedure.

    Reg: RM9.99

  • Tribeca Bracket

    Tribeca Bracket

    These sturdy brackets are not only discreet, but will also ensure your curtain rod holds everything securely in place, keeping your window decor looking superb.

    Reg: RM37.99

  • Tribeca Bridge Bracket

    Tribeca Bridge Bracket

    Fix your curtain rail with ease. This sturdy bracket makes hanging your curtain rail simple, and ensures ultimate stability however heavy your curtains.

    Reg: RM37.99

  • Caprice Manhattan Double End Bracket

    Caprice Manhattan Double End Bracket

    Specifically designed for use with sheer rod, hand drawn or cord drawn Manhattan curtains, these durable double ended brackets will hold two tracks firmly together.

    Reg: RM24.99

  • Caprice Manhattan Double Support Bracket

    Caprice Manhattan Double Support Bracket

    Caprice Manhattan Double Support Bracket allows 2 tracks to fit to the wall to create a double curtain track and it will provide extra support allowing you to hang heavier curtain weights to the track.

    Reg: RM24.99

  • Caprice Manhattan End Stops

    Caprice Manhattan End Stops

    Keep your curtains from falling off the ends of the track with this pair of robustly constructed end stops that are offered in neutral tones for maximum versatility.

    Reg: RM20.99

  • Caprice Manhattan Single Support Bracket

    Caprice Manhattan Single Support Bracket

    Caprice Manhattan Single Support Bracket allows track to fit to the wall to create a curtain track and it will provide support allowing you to hang curtain to the track.

    Reg: RM29.99

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Can I purchase rod brackets at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight stocks a number of different rod brackets that can be used if you have to put up, for instance, heavy curtains, if you need to extend your curtain track for wider windows, or even if you need replacement rod brackets. With rod brackets and other accessories for curtain rods from Tribeca, Caprice, Filigree and Window-shade, you will be able to find many useful items in this range.

What are rod brackets used for?

Standard rod brackets are used to fix your window rod to the wall, and will normally be included with your chosen curtain rod as part of the fixings. However, in some circumstances you may want to put up additional brackets, either for heavy curtains or for certain types of walls, or if you have wide windows.

There are also special brackets that let you join two curtain tracks, and brackets that will let you put a valance rod in front of your curtain rod. These brackets can also be used to replace bent or broken brackets or brackets that may have got lost during decorating.

What else is included in the range?

The rod bracket range also includes useful items such as end brackets, bridge brackets, end stops and other spares or accessories for Caprice, Filigree and Window-shade brackets that can be used in addition to the fittings that come with the curtain rods or valance rods, or as replacements if needed.

Do not forget to have a look at the many types of curtain rods and curtain tracks that are available at Spotlight, plus the many other accessories that are available to complete your window dressings, such as tiebacks, trim, and even sheers and blinds as well as a huge selection of curtains.

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