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How To Buy Your Readymade Curtains? Find Out At Spotlight!

Spotlight has a beautiful collection of readymade curtains, which can prove useful if you do not have the time to craft them yourself. Naturally, there are a lot of different options in our catalogue, which can make the decision somewhat confusing. Fortunately, you can always count on Spotlight to help you with your selection.

What Is The First Thing I Should Look At When Selecting Curtains?

One of the first things to look at is the header of your curtains. As you may know already, curtains can come with different types of headers. Naturally, the header that will suit you best must match either a curtain track, rail, or your curtain pole.

Pencil pleat curtains are counted among the most common types of curtains. They are characterised by folds that are positioned close to one another, this creates the look of a pencil row. Since they are extremely popular and relatively cheap to make, they are counted among the most affordable types of curtains.

Another option available to you is the double or triple pinch pleat. Contrary to the previous type of header, pinch pleats are spaced further from one another and contain permanently sewn-in pleats. These types of curtains are usually hand-sewn as well, which can make them a little more expensive than the basic pencil pleat curtain.

Finally, there is the more modern approach to curtains, the eyelet curtain. Eyelets are characterised by large rings on top of the curtain, which simply slide over the curtain pole. Naturally, these kinds of curtains are only combined with curtain poles. So, if you have a track, you may want to look at the previous curtains instead.

What Is The Second Thing I Should Look At When Selecting Curtains?

Another thing to consider when you select curtains is the lining. Curtains that contain additional lining can provide additional warmth inside your home, so they are a cost-effective method of insulating your interior. Of course, some curtain linings provide additional blackout properties, which can prove useful for your bedroom.

There are several categories of curtain lining to consider, this includes standard lining, blackout lining, polycotton lining, and thermal lining. Polycotton curtain lining tends to be the most affordable in the bunch and has much of the same properties as standard lining. However, if you are looking for thermal or blackout properties, you must look at blackout lining or thermal lining.

How Do I Get The Best Fit For My Curtains?

Before you obtain your new curtains, it is essential to get accurate measurements. Despite the fact they are important, a lot of homeowners find themselves struggling where measurements are concerned. So, let us take a look at how to obtain the proper fit for your curtains.

When you start measuring, you should always have a curtain pole or a track in place. Ideally, your curtain pole or track should be at least 15 centimetres above the window. You also want your curtain pole or track to extend 10-15 centimetres on either side for the best fit.

To measure the width of your new curtains, measure your curtain track or your pole, this is the entire length without the finials. You should always use this particular method and not measure wall to wall, the latter is only used when you have a wall-to-wall window.

Once you have measured the width of your curtains, it is time to determine the length. Naturally, the length of your curtains can be down to preference, so before you do the measuring, always find out where you want your curtain to fall.

For curtains that must be the same length of the windowsill, always measure approximately 1.25 centimetres above your windowsill for the best fit. However, if you want your curtains to fall underneath the sill, add at least 15 centimetres from the bottom of your windowsill. If you want them floor length, always stop measuring 1.5 centimetres from the floor.

Have you finished your measurements and decided which curtain you are going for? Why not take advantage of the amazing range of curtains available at Spotlight? Grab one of our readymade curtains and benefit from an amazing design for a low price.



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