Curtains & Blinds Best Sellers

Curtains & Blinds Best Sellers

Curious what curtains and curtain accessories sell the best at Spotlight?

Find out by browsing our best sellers below! Here you will find all our bestselling curtains, tie backs, accessories and more.

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  •   Wilson Fabrics Ishtar Pencil Pleat Curtain

    Wilson Fabrics Ishtar Pencil Pleat Curtain

    These woven textured Wilson Fabrics Ishtar Pencil Pleat Curtains will add a contemporary and elegant addition to your home. This design suits both modern and traditional homes. Simple yet look so luxurious. Featuring 3 pass backing, this curtain will blackout light and provide energy saving qualitie...

    Reg: RM319.99 - RM703.99

    VIP: RM223.99 - RM491.99

  •   KOO Orlando Eyelet Curtain

    KOO Orlando Eyelet Curtain

    The KOO Orlando Eyelet Curtain is our extensive range and was produced to complement our Platinum Block-out Roller Blinds. The KOO Orlando Eyelet Curtains are available as a pair of curtains in 3 sizes....

    Reg: RM84.99 - RM169.99

    VIP: RM50.99 - RM101.99

  • Windowshade 50 mm Wood Venetian Blind

    Windowshade 50 mm Wood Venetian Blind

    Add the timber feel and get closer to nature with your interior using this magnificent Window shade 50 mm Wood Venetian Blind! Natural and high quality material used, the easy installation process is a big plus. This stylish and versatile venetian blind will enhance any interior setting, with it nat...

    Reg: RM186.99 - RM815.99

    VIP: RM111.99 - RM489.59

  • Bella Collection Abbey Eyelet Curtain

    Bella Collection Abbey Eyelet Curtain

    Add modern and contemporary hint of beauty and perfection to your home using this alluring Bella Collection Abbey Eyelet Curtains. Well made from high quality polyester material to ensure durability, safety, beauty and comfort, this amazing curtain features 3 pass backing which helps block out light...

    Reg: RM255.99 - RM615.99

  • Hessian


    Lovely, poise, elegant plus supremely versatile, this Hessian is a durable and woven fabric that is ideal for textile decor, soft furnishings and crafting projects. Made from high grade and durable jute material, this exquisite piece offers durability, quality and also adds texture to your projects....

    Reg: RM10.00 - RM48.99 per metre

  • Unbleached Calico Fabric

    Unbleached Calico Fabric

    Looking for suitable fabric? Why not this lovely Unbleached Calico Fabric! Simply elegant. Unbleached Calico Fabric is a multi-purpose fabric, which commonly used for apparel and furnishings. A high quality Unbleached Calico Fabric has a variety of uses in the upholstery items. Shop now from our ext...

    Reg: RM14.99 per metre

  • Logan Upholstery Fabric

    Logan Upholstery Fabric

    Upholstery fabrics come in light to heavy weight in a variety of textures and finishes. Our upholstery fabrics are all Martindale tested. Martindale test is more commonly known as the rub test. This test is used to affirm the durability of the fabric and what type of upholstery it is suitable for. T...

    Reg: RM48.99 per metre

  • 3 Pocket Pencil Pleat Curtain Heading Tape

    3 Pocket Pencil Pleat Curtain Heading Tape

    Classy, quaint, reliable and definitely fitting for most interior theme you have in mind, add this handy 3 Pocket Pencil Pleat Curtain Heading Tape to your curtains to make it stylish and lovely. This magnificent piece is made from high grade polyester to provide durability, quality and ample suppor...

    Reg: RM7.99 per metre

  • Tracking Cord

    Tracking Cord

    Looking for a new tracking cord? How about a tracking cord with attitude! This marvellous tracking cord made from comfortable material with a hint of out-of-the-ordinary for adventure seekers. Beautify your home with us! This Tracking Cord is strong and great for hanging up pinch pleat curtains. Eas...

    Reg: RM2.99 per metre

  • Regal Continuous Sheer

    Regal Continuous Sheer

    Loving sheers? Looking for new ones to beautify your living area? Why not this Regal Continuous Sheer! Its simple yet elegant continuous sheer design will surely suit any decor you have. It will help to filter the light and add some privacy to your home. Great option to add a touch of luxurious and ...

    Reg: RM16.99 - RM33.99 per metre

  •   Anne Continuous Sheer

    Anne Continuous Sheer

    Come and add some fine style and elegance to your windows or glass doors using this eclectic Anne Continuous Sheer. This high quality polyester made sheer offers comfort and delightful feel that adds into your interior theme. This magnificent piece is made with elegant and luxury in mind in lieu of ...

    Reg: RM20.99 - RM33.99

    VIP: RM12.59 - RM20.39

  •   Jardine Continuous Sheer

    Jardine Continuous Sheer

    Loving sheers? Looking for new ones to beautify your living area? Why not use this magnificent Jardine Continuous Sheer from Caprice Jardine range! It is a simple yet elegant continuous sheer design will surely suit any decor you have. Well made from high quality polyester material, it offers astoun...

    Reg: RM20.99 - RM44.99

    VIP: RM14.69 - RM31.49

  • Barcelona Continuous Sheer

    Barcelona Continuous Sheer

    Adding sheer to your windows resembles stature and elegant poise. This stylish Barcelona Continuous Sheer from Caprice Barcelona range represents that notion. This magnificent sheer is made with high quality polyester material that reflects the elegance and luxury of sheer fabrics to help you enhanc...

    Reg: RM24.99 - RM54.99 per metre

  • Classique Continuous Multi Drop Sheer

    Classique Continuous Multi Drop Sheer

    Light and elegant, Classique lace is the perfect window covering for heritage or traditional homes as well as classic style decors. The simple damask style pattern provides privacy while bringing a touch of sophistication and elegance to your room....

    Reg: RM10.00 - RM37.99 per metre

  • Cameo Rose Continuous Sheer

    Cameo Rose Continuous Sheer

    Do you want a rather eclectic and unique designed sheer for your home? How about having this eye-catching Cameo Rose Continuous Sheer which features lovely and seamlessly designed roses as your window sheer. Made with a combination of large and small embossed floral design to suit your mixed interio...

    Reg: RM20.99 - RM44.99 per metre

  • Gather Curtain Heading Tape

    Gather Curtain Heading Tape

    Have a replacement heading tape of your lovely and adorable curtains or brand new ones with this Gather Curtain Heading Tape from Galleria Curtain Header Tapes range! Beautify your interior using this sleek and beautiful tape that is made from high quality polyester material. It produces lovely colo...

    Reg: RM1.99 per metre

  • Galena Velvet

    Galena Velvet

    Add a gorgeous touch of luxury to your next upholstery project with this lovely Galena Velvet. This velvet will instantly add a sense of lavish and luxury to your designs. Made from high quality polyester material, this velvet piece offers soft to the touch feel, comfort and also vibrant colours tha...

    Reg: RM49.99 per metre

  •   Brighton Cotton Canvas

    Brighton Cotton Canvas

    Supremely versatile, this eye-catching Brighton Cotton Canvas will add a light layer of softness and comfort to your furnishing creations. This high quality cotton canvas combination material made fabric is ideal for textile decor, soft furnishings and occasional upholstery. Mix and match with the s...

    Reg: RM53.99

    VIP: RM32.39

  • Remo Plain Weatherproof Canvas

    Remo Plain Weatherproof Canvas

    Supremely versatile, the Remo Plain Weatherproof Canvas will add a light layer of softness and comfort to your furnishing creations. This waterproof canvas fabric is medium weight. This canvas fabric is ideal for textile decor, soft furnishings and occasional upholstery. Mix and match with the stunn...

    Reg: RM15.00 - RM65.49 per metre

  •   Ellis Woven Blockout Fabric

    Ellis Woven Blockout Fabric

    This stunning Ellis Woven Blockout Fabric features a contemporary design that also provides full block out qualities that is made to withstand harsh conditions. This durable and woven high quality polyester made block out fabric will add a beautiful drape to your window furnishings. Coordinate with ...

    Reg: RM49.99

    VIP: RM29.99

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Can I purchase curtains and blinds at Spotlight?

Yes, you will find a huge range of curtains and blinds here at Spotlight, suitable for all areas of your home or workplace. Choose from many different designs, colours and sizes to suit every style of interior, from functional and sleek blinds to rich and opulent drapes to dress your windows. On these pages, you will find some of our most popular blinds, curtains and accessories that have proved a winner with our customers. Let them inspire you to make changes to your own window dressings and create a warm and stylish environment at great everyday prices.

Which curtains are included in the best sellers?

Curtains are a perennial favourite here at Spotlight, but when you look at our bestselling curtain ranges you will see that plain colours are more popular currently than intricate designs. With so many different neutrals, strong contemporary colours or classic rich colours on sale, you will be able to find exactly the right colour to match your style or interior. Different styles make it into our best sellers, including pinch pleat curtains, eyelet curtains and tab top curtains.

What types of blinds are popular right now?

Many Spotlight customers enhance their homes with roller blinds, while others opt for Venetian blinds to add warmth and style to their windows. Roller blinds are very versatile and are available in many different colours and sizes, that can be cut to fit your windows quickly and easily. In the Venetian blinds range, timber and timber effect blinds are very popular at the moment. Timber Venetian blinds combine the warmth of wood with the functionality of blinds and are perfect for modern homes.

Can I buy sheer curtains at Spotlight?

Yes, you can! Sheer curtains are ideal for extra privacy when teamed up with normal curtains, but can also be a great stand-alone solution for areas that do not need full curtains, such as hallways, or studies, and in front of patio doors. Sheer curtains are available in crisp white, soft cream or a variety of modern colours and you can choose from plain or many different designs and patterns to suit your interior.

What else is included in the curtain and blinds best seller range?

You will find many curtain and blind accessories here, including rods, tracks, tie back holders, finials and trims. For those who prefer to make their own curtains, do not forget that Spotlight also stocks a wonderful range of different types of curtain fabric, lining, trims, heading tape and accessories to provide everything you need to make your own curtains.

Last but not least, do not forget to check out our great range of kids curtains and kids curtain fabrics with designs that are suitable for babies, toddlers, kids and teenagers, including many cartoon, film and storybook favourites. Many of the ranges can also be added to with matching bedding and other bedroom accessories for a coordinated finish.

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