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Browse this Spotlight range for all types of adhesive tape from simple transparent tape to pretty coloured tape, ideal for gift-wrapping, as well as many specialist tapes including magnetic tape, double-sided tape, label tape, mounting tape, packing tape and tough tape. Also included in the range are various sizes and designs of tape dispensers, sticky dots, blu-tack, glue sticks and even handy bulk packs of both 2mm and 8mm transparent tape, ideal if you have to parcel up items on a regular basis

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Whether it be for homework, home office, arts, crafts, or just everyday around-the-house use, every home needs a handy supply of tapes, tape dispensers and a variety of adhesives for a variety of surfaces.

Don't be caught out by the kids' last minute school projects and the phrase we dread hearing at five o'clock - "but I need it for tomorrow!" Keep a supply of glues and tapes on hand to promptly fix any problem or put the finishing touches to that school project, avoiding those disastrous sticky situations our children like to put us in.

What types of tape does Spotlight have?

Spotlight's range of adhesive tapes is quite comprehensive making it easy to find exactly what you need. It includes plain transparent tape for fixing simple items, to coloured tape ideal for gift-wrapping, as well as an assortment of tapes for specific uses.

Spotlight's specialist tapes include - but aren't limited to - magnetic tape, waterproof tape, Scotch magic tape, iron-on name tag tape, permanent glue tape, double-sided tape, label tape, mounting tape, masking tape, hem tape and packing tape for that task everyone dreads - moving house. Who would have thought there were so many types of tape!

To avoid sticky messes and save your fingernails from scrabbling for that invisible end, invest in a tape dispenser, available from Spotlight in different sizes, colours and designs. Spotlight's tape dispensers come in a range of colours enabling you to co-ordinate the colour scheme on your desktop or workspace if you wish.

What alternatives to sticky tape does Spotlight have?

Sometimes tape isn't the right item for the job, so check out Spotlight's range of different adhesive options to suit whatever job you may have, such as sticky dots, blu-tack and glue sticks.

Top brands such asSellotape,BirchandVELCRO® - Brand make a range of sticky dots and strips which have a myriad of handy uses in arts, crafts, sewing projects, school projects and around the home. Some are sold by the metre and others come in convenient cardboard dispenser rolls.

If you need a reusable adhesiveBostik's Blu-Tack andOfficeMax Max-Tack are perfect for displaying all the kids' beautiful works of art coming home from kindy or school, but if you need a more permanent solution Spotlight's glue stick range will do the job.

Purchase a scrapbook from Spotlight's stationery range and glue all the kids' art inside, keeping it safe and secure for years to come.

UHU, OfficeMax and Semco provide glue sticks in packs or sold individually for simple jobs or perhaps the arty crafty people in your household need something with a little more pizzazz such asFaber Castell's glitter glue sticksin a range of gorgeous, sparkly colours.

You'll never be stuck for choice with Spotlight's extensive range of craft and multipurpose glues to suit a variety of surfaces such as paper, fabric, plastics or balsawood. Choose from clear gel glues, pot glues, school glues, glue guns, coloured glue, acid-free glue, PVA craft glue, woodworking glue,UHU superglue and more.

Stick it out when you peruse Spotlight's extensive range because eventually you will find the perfect adhesive to make all your home, sewing, school, or art and craft projects gel together.



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