Glue & Adhesives

Find every type of glue and adhesive here at Spotlight, for all your craft projects, hobby needs, and office supplies, as well as for kids artworks. The range includes many different types of glue for use with paper, card, fabric and wood, various types of tape including single-sided, double-sided and masking tape, and other adhesive products including adhesive dots, adhesive pads and glue guns. Kids will love the special safe kids glue, the glitter glue and the rolls of pretty paper tape. Office essentials such as glue sticks, adhesive tape and magic tape are also included in the range.

240 items found.

Can I purchase Glue and Adhesives from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Whether you are hoping to glue fabric, wood, paper or any other medium, we are certain that you will find the sticky solution to your adhesive buying problem here at Spotlight. With such an enormous collection of crafty supplies and materials plus Spotlight's great value deals and guaranteed low prices, make Spotlight your number one shopping destination for all your arts and craft needs.

Which of these Glues and Adhesives would be right for my project?

Well, that depends on what you intend to create really! It is important that you choose the right glue or adhesive for the job and if you are not sure which would be the right choice for you, then check out our handy guide below for everything that is included in this collection.

Craft Glue/ PVA Glue: PVA glue is one of the most versatile types of glue that there is, and you can use it for a whole host of different crafts and surfaces. Mix with water to make a sealer for papier mache projects, decoupage and other related crafts.

Speciality Glues: Depending on your project, there is a chance that you could require one of our speciality glues. For example, one that is dishwasher safe would be a great way to fix broken crockery or cups. All of our products are clearly labelled, so just check which one of our speciality products is right for your project.

Glue sticks: Glue sticks are safe, quick and clean and are ideal for working with paper crafts. If you are scrapbooking, sticking photos, or doing arts and crafts projects with the kids, a glue stick could be the best choice.

Tape: Whether you are looking for clear tape for wrapping your gifts, washi tape for making a statement, or special floristry tape to create your very own botanical work of art, then we have the tape for you amongst this huge collection at Spotlight.

Adhesive hooks, pads, squares and dots: If you are hanging pictures or hooks for your jacket, these handy adhesive hooks, pads, squares and dots can be used to affix so many different items. There is a wide range of different types available, and your choice should depend on the medium that you are hoping to stick.

Glue guns: This selection at Spotlight, includes a wider range of glue gun and glue sticks to fill them with. A glue gun is every crafter's best friend, and this handy versatile item will soon become your new favourite tool.

Superglue: If you are looking for an all-purpose glue that will stick for a lifetime, then superglue could be just what you need. Be extra careful to not get this glue on your skin, clothing or furnishings.

Do you have any tips for using a glue gun?

Glue guns are amazing, and anyone who loves to do arts and crafts would appreciate having their very own. This versatile item is a major craft staple and will soon become your favourite tool. Low-temperature glue guns are ideal for more delicate projects that have the potential to melt under the great, such as Styrofoam, craft foam or thin materials such as ribbon or foil. A high-temperature glue gun, on the other hand, is better for durable materials and projects, such as when you are working with wood, glass, metal, or floral pieces. Allow your glue gun to heat up fully, around 5-10 minutes, before you use it. We recommend putting a piece of card or scrap cloth under your glue gun as it can leak while it is heating. Glue guns can get hot, and mishaps can result in burns. It is important that you are extremely careful when you are working with this tool.



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