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We have a range of fabric paint, paint brushes, tools that are safe and fun by leading art brands. Explore our entire range online or in store at Spotlight!

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Can I buy Paints and Mediums at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have a huge range of paints and mediums from some of the world's biggest brands including Faber Castell, Crayola, Micador, Easy Peasy and more. There are so many different types of paint available, and in a rainbow of colours, and we are certain that you will find the perfect medium for your creation. With such a wide choice plus Spotlight's guaranteed low prices and great value deals, shop online or instore today for all your artistic needs.

What does the Paints and Mediums range include?

Choosing paint depends on the finish that you are looking for and the medium that you prefer to work with. Acrylic paints are a great choice for those who are learning the craft as they are easier to manipulate, can be diluted and are easily cleaned up. Plus, once acrylic paints have dried, they can be overpainted without disturbing layers underneath.

Watercolours are affordable, and they offer a unique finish that is often soft and beautiful. Whereas, oil paints are better suited for individuals with experience as they can be quite messy and may require further materials to finish the piece. Whether you are looking for fabric paints, glass paints, acrylics, watercolours, or any other traditional or speciality paint or medium, we are certain that you will find the colourful solution to your paint-buying dilemma amongst this fabulous selection at Spotlight.

Do you have any tips for beginners who are just learning how to paint?

Painting is a great hobby, it is the opportunity to express yourself creatively, capture a memory on canvas, or just spend a few hours indulging in your favourite hobby. The way that you approach your painting does depend on the paint or medium that you are using. The first thing to do is to ready your supplies, make sure that you have all of the necessary tools at hand to create your work of art. Having a range of brushes, in different sizes, will ensure that you are able to capture the intricate detail as well as larger areas of colour easily.

One of the top tips that we can recommend is to sketch out your design before you begin, this will allow you to erase any mistakes and provide you with basic guidelines to work with. If you are using a paint that is diluted by water, then make sure that you have fresh, clean water on hand and a blotting tissue or cloth. Acrylic paints allow you to use paints in any order that you so wish, as they dry so quickly, but if you are using oil paints you should adhere to the order of colours. Practice makes perfect, so keep trying! If you are struggling to master the techniques, why not see if there are any classes in your area as these can be a great way to improve your skills and meet new friends.

How can I keep my paintbrushes clean?

That does depend on the paint or medium that you have chosen. However, it is always recommended to wash your paint brushes immediately after use. If the paint has dried into the brush, they do become harder to clean. Unwashed brushes that have been used to paint with acrylics, in particular, will dry crusty and become unusable. When you have finished with your brushes, rinse them through with water, using a paper towel or an old cloth to squeeze out any excess paint. You can use special soap that will keep your brushes better for longer, however, if you do not have this available handwashing soap or dish soap with cold clean water with clean most paints away. Dry your paintbrushes using a cloth or sponge then lie horizontally in a safe place, ensuring that they are fully dried before being stored.



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