Calligraphy, or the art of lettering with a special pen, brush or other writing instrument, has been used across the world for many centuries. It is still practised today and often used for wedding invitations, notices, announcements, logos and graphic designs. Here at Spotlight, you can choose from a variety of specialised pen sets with nibs of different sizes that can be used to execute calligraphy and hand lettering. Combine them with some of our beautiful paper for a creative and artistic gift, or use them yourself to design stylish, handcrafted wall art, manuscripts, documents or signs.

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Uncover Your Calligraphy Essentials at Spotlight

One of the most popular crafts in Australia is undoubtedly calligraphy. However, this does not mean it is the easiest type of craft to start with, since some crafters are unfamiliar with the types of crafting supplies they will need. To help you find all your calligraphy essentials easily, we have created a brief overview for you with all calligraphy essentials.

What Is the First Essential I Will Need for Calligraphy?

Before you can start with calligraphy, you will need your own calligraphy pen and some nibs. While this may sound a little complicated, it is not as difficult as it sounds. The pen used during calligraphy functions as a special type of holder for the nib (the tip of the pen) - this nib can be replaced for various calligraphy projects.

Fortunately for beginners, the pen is not that important. You can choose the most affordable one you can find, and upgrade to a more expensive one later when you become more proficient at calligraphy. However, the nib is important, so be sure you choose quality over price in this instance.

When you just start out with calligraphy, it is usually best to choose one of the more robust nibs out there, since you are not quite use to the gentle movements yet that are made during this craft. Once you are a little more confident with calligraphy, you can get one of the more delicate nibs for more detailed projects.

What Is the Second Essential I Will Need for Calligraphy?

The next essential you will need for your calligraphy projects is some ink. Nowadays, there are three types of ink you could use for calligraphy - this includes fountain pen ink, drawing ink, and Chinese or Japanese stick ink. Please note that the first type of ink is not suitable for dip pens, but is used with a special calligraphy fountain pen. So, if you want to use this kind of ink, you must obtain the pen to match it.

There are also some special qualities you must look out for when it comes to your ink. Some inks are waterproof and permanent, while others are not. There are also more colours available than the basic black and blue, since warmer brown tones are also an option for calligraphers. Of course, the choice of colour is usually a personal preference for your project.

What Is the Third Essential I Will Need for Calligraphy?

Before you can start practicing calligraphy, you will need some calligraphy paper too. Paper can be divided into various categories according to the treatment the paper received used during the manufacturing process. Calligraphers usually prefer "sized paper" - this is a type of paper that allows crisp and clean lettering.

Of course, there are different types of sized paper, which can usually be recognised by its smoothness. To be effective, the paper cannot bleed over the surface or scratch easily. Therefore, common types of paper used during calligraphy include layout paper, marker paper, and certain types of printing paper.

What Else Do I Need for Calligraphy?

Even though you will have all the essentials after buying the craft supplies mentioned above, you certainly cannot go wrong with some practice materials. Creating the perfect lettering from the start is next to impossible, so it could be a good idea to buy some worksheets from Spotlight, which provide you with an example of lettering and patterns, which you can then replicate.

Before you choose some worksheets from Spotlight, be sure not to start with anything too intricate. Start with the basics, and gradually build yourself up to the more complex worksheets available in our store.



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