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What are individual sheets?

Individual sheets are also known as flat sheets or top sheets. These bed linens are placed on top of the fitted sheet that covers your mattress and underneath your thicker blankets and quilts. Unlike our sheet sets that include matching fitted sheets, flat sheets and pillow cases, individual sheets are sold as a single piece of bed linen.

When you have different flat sheets available, you can mix and match them with your existing bed linens giving you more decorating options. Having spare flat sheets also gives you a convenient way of freshening up your bed without having to swap in an entire set of linens.

How are flat sheets used?

Flat sheets are laid on top of fitted sheets and are tucked between the mattress and the box spring. The upper section of the flat sheet is folded up so they don't get in the way of your pillows and you can easily slide in when you're ready to go to bed. If your flat sheet has a printed design on one side, it should be laid down the wrong side up so that the design only shows once you fold the upper section near the head of the bed. Manufacturers usually make the printed side of the flat sheet much softer so that it feels more comfortable once you get into bed.

What is the purpose of a flat sheet?

Flat sheets are typically used to keep body oils, stains and dirt away from blankets, quilts and duvets as you're sleeping. As a flat sheet gets dirtier over time, it can be easily thrown in the wash and replaced with a fresh one. Washing flat sheets also requires less effort compared to washing the heavier materials used in blankets and quilts.

When the weather is too warm for heavy blankets, you can cover yourself up with a flat sheet for that extra bit of comfort. Some people also like the extra snugness that a tucked in flat sheet provides.

What should I look for when buying individual sheets?

When buying flat sheets you should first check if it comes in the right size that will fit your bed. Flat sheets can come in either king, queen, double or single sizes. You'll also have a variety of colours and designs to choose from to match with your existing decor and to suit your personal tastes.

If you're looking for an extremely comfortable and soft flat sheet, it's important to check the thread count. Thread count refers to the number of threads the fabric has per square inch. A higher thread count typically makes the bed sheet softer and more comfortable to use, as well as more durable.

Here at Spotlight, we have flat sheets with thread counts ranging from 200 to 1,000. At the lower end, you'll typically find flat sheets made with cotton and polyester blends. High thread count flat sheets are usually made out of 100% cotton.

What other bed linens and beddings can I find at Spotlight?

Spotlight offers a huge selection of bed linens ranging from matching sheet sets that come with fitted sheets, flat sheets and pillow cases, to blankets, quilts and bedspreads.

We also carry mattress toppers, mattress protectors and underlays that give your mattress increased levels of comfort and support. To give your bed a more elegant and finished look, we have bed base wraps and valances.

We also sell a huge variety of pillows, cushions and pillow cases, as well as pillow protectors to keep stains from getting through to your pillows.



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