Clothes Storage

Clothes Storage

Fed up with a cluttered bedroom, or not being able to find what you want in your closet or wardrobes? Often clutter is down to a lack of storage, or not making the most of the space you have.

At Spotlight, we offer a range of clothes storage options for bedrooms including organisers, baskets and under bed storage bags, as well as space saving hangers and clever shelves to add to your wardrobe.

It is easy to create extra space and banish clutter from your bedroom with these space saving solutions. Enjoy your new, relaxed and stylish bedroom environment with some great clothes storage ideas from Spotlight.

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  • Universal 2 Tier Cabinet

    Universal 2 Tier Cabinet

    Now you can create a more usable storage space and keep things tidy and neat with this Universal 2 Tier Cabinet.

    Reg: RM159.99

  • Universal Kid Wardrobe

    Universal Kid Wardrobe

    Stylish and functional Universal Kid Wardrobe keeps your child's bedroom organise.

    Reg: RM159.99

  • Universal Shoe Rack

    Universal Shoe Rack

    Make easy to keep your shoes with this Universal Shoe Rack. Keep your shoes neat and off the floor to save more space.

    Reg: RM129.99

  •   Henledar 3 Drawer Cabinet

    Henledar 3 Drawer Cabinet

    Organise and store your belongings at home with the stylish Henledar 3 Drawer Cabinet. Compact and easy to store away, this storage container is handy to keep your possessions safe in storage, decreasing the clutter in your home. Accessorise with the complete Henledar range online.

    Reg: RM129.99

    VIP: RM64.99

  • L.T. Williams Timber Hanger Boxed 20 Pack

    L.T. Williams Timber Hanger Boxed 20 Pack

    This handy multi-pack of durable timber hangers is a wardrobe staple. Made from premium wood, these hangers feature notches for hanging dresses and tops, as well as a lacquer finish.

    Reg: RM74.99

  • L.T. Williams Deluxe Suit Hanger 2 Pack

    L.T. Williams Deluxe Suit Hanger 2 Pack

    L.T. Williams Deluxe Suit Hanger 2 Pack: Benefiting from secure bottom rails and smooth shoulder arms made from natural wood, this pack of two coat hangers provides luxury storage for your favourite clothes.

    Reg: RM34.99

  • L.T. Williams Classic Tie & Belt Hanger

    L.T. Williams Classic Tie & Belt Hanger

    L.T. Williams Classic Tie & Belt Hanger: The chrome and beech construction give this versatile hanger a modern, fresh look which is certain to complement any wardrobe whilst providing useful storage for up to 20 ties and belts.

    Reg: RM24.99

  • L.T. Williams Wooden Clip Hangers 2 Pack

    L.T. Williams Wooden Clip Hangers 2 Pack

    Save space in your wardrobe and keep skirts and trousers in pristine condition with this clip hanger twin pack. Made from natural wood and steel for durability.

    Reg: RM24.99

  • L.T. Williams Skirt & Trouser Hangers 5 Pack

    L.T. Williams Skirt & Trouser Hangers 5 Pack

    If storage space is at a premium then this great value set of five skirt or trousers hangers is a fantastic solution, benefiting from fully adjustable clips tipped in plastic.

    Reg: RM29.99

  • L.T. Williams Skirt & Trouser Hangers 3 Pack

    L.T. Williams Skirt & Trouser Hangers 3 Pack

    L.T. Williams Skirt & Trouser Hangers 3 Pack: Make sure your trousers and skirts are crease free with this versatile three pack of chrome plated hangers, which feature sturdy plastic clips.

    Reg: RM24.99

  • Flocked Coat Hanger 50 Pack

    Flocked Coat Hanger 50 Pack

    Keep your clothes well-aired and crease free with this handy set of fifty coat hangers, which are covered with soft flocked material to protect delicate fabrics.

    Reg: RM69.00

  • Lock Stock & Barrel Shoulder Cover 3 Pack

    Lock Stock & Barrel Shoulder Cover 3 Pack

    Minimise wear and damage to your favourite clothes with these robust shoulder covers, which are generously cut enabling up to three garments to be contained at a time.

    Reg: RM15.00

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What type of clothes storage can I purchase at Spotlight?

At Spotlight, you will find a variety of clothes storage options ranging from a simple clothes hanger to storage boxes and even a complete garment rack on castors, all of which will enable you to store your clothes both for daily use and when items have to be stored away out of season.

What is the best clothes storage solution if I have a lack of space?

Spotlight has several space saving clothes storage solutions including tiered clothes hangers that will let you hang three pairs of trousers on one hanger, pocket organisers which can be clipped onto a hanging rail in a wardrobe or can be modified to fit behind a bedroom door. A handy wire basket stacking system will take care of many smaller items that can clutter up drawers too. If you have unused spaces under your bed, or under the beds in guest bedrooms, our range of under bed storage bags are a perfect way to store bulky items such as duvets, woolly jumpers and other items when not in use.

Do you have anything to protect delicate garments?

Our flocked coat hangers will not harm delicate fabrics with their soft covering, and clear garment bags will protect your finery while still allowing you to easily see what is inside the bags. These bags are available in various sizes to fit longer and shorter clothing items. Accessories such as scarves and wraps can be kept safe in storage boxes when not in use. Gentlemens ties can be easily stored on the special tie and belt hanger which has room for up to 20 items.

Why do you stock so many different types of clothes hangers?

Different types of clothing require different hangers, and if you have ever found some of your clothes on the floor of your wardrobe you will agree. With special suit hangers, hangers for trousers, skirts and tops, and even non-slip hangers for silky items such as shirts or tops, you will be able to make sure everything stays where you want it to be. Hangers with clips are ideal for trousers if you dont want to get a crease where they have been folded over the bar of the hanger, and they can double up for skirts that dont have any loops to hang on too.

What about storage for shoes?

You can stop shoes from cluttering up the bottom of your wardrobe with some of our great shelf organisers. These are made from canvas and simply attach by means of their Velcro handle around the hanging bar in your wardrobe. With six separate compartments they are an ideal way to store slippers, shoes, and many other smaller items such as belts, scarves and even underwear.

With so many different clothes storage options at Spotlight you will be able to find the perfect solution for tidying away your clothes when not in use, and keeping your bedroom looking neat and uncluttered.

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