Bedroom Best Sellers

Bedroom Best Sellers

Looking for new bedding or bed linen but confused by all the different options and styles available? If you are unsure which products are best for you, take some inspiration from our range of bestsellers, and see what other people choose are purchasing at Spotlight.

With a great range of bedding, bed linen, throws and blankets, all at guaranteed low prices, Spotlight has something for everyone no matter what your taste, budget, age or lifestyle is.

With products from leading brands and a wide range of colours and sizes, our bed linen is hard to beat and our range of bedding includes not only pillows and duvets, but electric blankets, protectors, underlays and hypoallergenic bedding.

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  • Tontine I'm Easy To Care For Pillow 2 Pack

    Tontine I'm Easy To Care For Pillow 2 Pack

    This handy two-pack of pillows is great for the whole family. These pillows have a medium loft suitable for those who like to sleep on their back or side, and are filled with a springy synthetic Ultrafibre which won’t lose its bounce after washing. The fibres are anti-bacterially treated to prevent ...

    Reg: RM99.99

  •   Tontine I'm Easy To Care For Doona

    Tontine I'm Easy To Care For Doona

    Like most of us, you'd probably rather spend time relaxing than caring for your bedding. Make things a bit simpler with this fantastic quilt which is completely machine washable and filled with synthetic Ultrafibre. Ultrafibre has plenty of loft and bounce which doesn't diminish when washed, mak...

    Reg: RM206.99 - RM323.99

    VIP: RM144.89 - RM226.79

  •   Dream Away Pillow 2 Pack

    Dream Away Pillow 2 Pack

    Dream Away Pillow 2 Pack. Great for room decorations with attractive and up-to date design without spending more.

    Reg: RM71.99

    VIP: RM43.19

  •   Logan & Mason Classic Memory Foam Pillow

    Logan & Mason Classic Memory Foam Pillow

    Memory foam pillows are the height of bedtime comfort. They maintain their shape for their lifetime, and while comfortable and soft they are also dense enough to offer unparalleled support. Memory foam reacts to body heat, moulding itself to your head and neck and offering perfect support. These pil...

    Reg: RM159.99

    VIP: RM111.99

  •   Ever Rest Foam Underlay

    Ever Rest Foam Underlay

    Add some comfort and support to your bedding with this wonderful foam underlay. Easing pressure points and cradling the body, this underlay is just what you need for a more restful sleep.

    Reg: RM116.99 - RM206.99

    VIP: RM109.99

  •   Ever Rest Deluxe Fibre Quilt

    Ever Rest Deluxe Fibre Quilt

    This sumptuous quilt is a great all-rounder. Filled with Dacron Duralife synthetic fibre, this item manages to be both cosy and warm as well as light and comfortable, making it perfect for use all year. Duralife fibre is incredibly fluffy, allowing for plenty of loft without the usual associated wei...

    Reg: RM233.99 - RM350.99

    VIP: RM140.39 - RM210.59

  • Brampton House Anti-bacterial Quilt

    Brampton House Anti-bacterial Quilt

    Sleep easy with this light weight, all-seasons quilt. Comprising of a polyester/cotton cover and polyester fill that has been treated with “Purafresh” to provide low allergy and Anti-bacterial properties.

    Reg: RM143.99 - RM233.99

  • Ever Rest 50/50 Duck Down Feather Quilt

    Ever Rest 50/50 Duck Down Feather Quilt

    There is nothing quite like a feather and down quilt. In nature, duck down clings together to keep the duck warm by trapping body heat. The same happens in your doona – the duck down moulds around you as you sleep to trap your body heat and provide unique insulation....

    Reg: RM314.99 - RM521.99

  •   Ever Rest Deluxe Fibre Pillow

    Ever Rest Deluxe Fibre Pillow

    Enjoy sleeping in comfort for longer with this high-quality item. The Deluxe Fibre pillow is filled with the incredibly fluffy Dacron Duralife fibre, allowing for plenty of loft and support without the usual associated weight or loss of shape. Duralife fibrefill is also hypoallergenic, making it a p...

    Reg: RM114.99

    VIP: RM68.99

  •   Crestell Dream Away Pillow

    Crestell Dream Away Pillow

    You’re sure to wake up feeling refreshed after resting your head on this high-quality, Australian-made pillow. Plump and comfortable, these items are available in three sizes to suit your needs. King size is designed for large beds, with a high loft for a back or side sleeper. The queen size pillows...

    Reg: RM35.99 - RM129.99

    VIP: RM21.59 - RM77.99

  • Ever Rest Duck Feather Pillow

    Ever Rest Duck Feather Pillow

    Enjoy the decadent luxury of real duck feathers in this superb pillow, which offers natural comfort and support. The medium loft of this pillow is ideal for side and front sleepers; feather pillows are great for scrunching into just the right shape for your favourite sleeping position. This pillow i...

    Reg: RM38.99

  • Ever Rest European Duck Feather Pillow

    Ever Rest European Duck Feather Pillow

    Treat yourself to fabulous comfort with this duck feather pillow. If you sit up in bed (reading, watching TV, doing needlework etc) European pillows are a great way to give your back the support it needs. This luxury pillow has a feather filling for natural loft and a crisp cotton Japara cover to pr...

    Reg: RM44.99

  • My Memory Foam Pillow

    My Memory Foam Pillow

    Feel the comfort of, My Memory Foam Pillow. Get one today!

    Reg: RM30.00

  • Ever Rest Cotton Mattress Protector

    Ever Rest Cotton Mattress Protector

    Ever Rest Cotton Mattress Protector. Great for room decorations with attractive and up-to date design without spending more.

    Reg: RM143.99 - RM233.99

  •   Crestell Dream Away European Pillow

    Crestell Dream Away European Pillow

    There is nothing like reclining on some big, plump European pillows; they make reading or watching TV in bed all the more relaxing. The Dream Away European pillows are entirely machine washable and contain a highly resilient polyester fibre with plenty of bounce. These pillows are also hypoallergeni...

    Reg: RM79.99

    VIP: RM47.99

  • KOO 250 Thread Count Flat Sheet

    KOO 250 Thread Count Flat Sheet

    KOO 250 Thread Count Flat Sheet. Great for room decorations with attractive and up-to date design without spending more.

    Reg: RM42.00 - RM134.99

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If you are wondering which products to buy for your bedroom, take a look at our bedroom best sellers here at Spotlight! Our most popular products are showcased here, and you will be able to see what others buy most often when choosing items from our extensive range.

What is included in bedroom best sellers?

Our bedroom best sellers include:

Pillows - Our bedroom best sellers feature a range of pillows, including fillings made from polyester, feather, and memory foam. Find your ideal pillow at Spotlight from our huge range of pillows including Standard pillows, European pillows, V-shaped pillows and Body pillows. Choose your ideal size, weight, level of firmness, material and filling to ensure your perfect nights sleep.

Duvets - With quilts from Ever Rest, Tontine, Jaspa and Brampton House in our bedroom best sellers range, you know you will find the best possible quilt here at Spotlight. With quilts in single, double, queen and king sizes, available in a variety of fillings including polyester, down, feather and wool, you can refine your requirements until you have found the best quilt solution.

Bed linen - Is there anything nicer than getting into a freshly made up bed with soft, fragrant bed linen? Treat yourself to some wonderful new sheets and pillowcases today, with our great offers on bed linen. From every day, easy to care for bedlinen to top of the range, 1000 thread count sheets, you will find the perfect bed linen here. In crisp white, atmospheric black or a veritable rainbow of colours including the softest pastels and the most vibrant colours, you will be spoilt for choice.

European Pillows and Pillow Cases - If you like to sit up in bed to read, work, watch TV or eat, investing in a couple of these plump, large, square pillows is a must. Offering plenty of support for your back, they can be covered in matching bed linen or decorative covers of your choice to match or contrast your decor.

Mattress protectors and toppers - Add an extra layer of comfort to your bed, while at the same time extending the life of your mattress, by investing in a mattress protector or mattress cover, or even both. Available in all regular bed sizes, you can choose the material and filling that best suits your taste and budget, from the many options available at Spotlight. Mattress toppers or underlays can improve a hard, lumpy or worn-out mattress, while mattress protectors stop accidental spills and stains from getting into your mattress, and form an essential barrier for those who suffer from allergies or breathing problems.

Anti-allergy - With large percentages of the population suffering from asthma and allergies, more and more of our customers are investing in anti-allergy bedding, including quilts, pillows, mattress protectors and pillow protectors. Ideal for people who have sensitive skin, people who are prone to allergies, asthma sufferers, and children, our ever growing range of anti-allergy bedding is proving very popular in our bedroom best sellers range.