Coverlets & Bedspreads

Coverlets & Bedspreads

Is your bed properly dressed? Bedspreads went out of fashion for a little while, when quilts first made their entrance. Everyone was so busy showing off their colourful quilt designs that bedspreads seemed to be unnecessary, but they have made a comeback as many people realise their benefits of protecting the bed linen from everyday dirt, pet hairs, and dust, as well as the fact that they make a design statement by finishing off the look of the bedroom.

At Spotlight, take a look at what all the best-dressed beds are wearing with our range of bedspreads and coverlets, some with matching pillow shams and other accessories. From the unashamedly romantic and frilly to clean modern lines in many colourways, you will find it all here, with great quality at guaranteed low prices.

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  •   Logan & Mason Sascha Coverlet

    Logan & Mason Sascha Coverlet

    Add a blissful, lovely and soothing tone to your room with this delicate Logan & Mason Sascha Coverlet. Features elegance and eclectic poise, this magnificent piece is made from high quality polyester material to give it the soft and comfortable texture plus better colour retaining properties and du...

    Reg: RM297.99

    VIP: RM208.59

  •   Out Of Stock Logan & Mason Lola Coverlet

    Logan & Mason Lola Coverlet

    Simple, soothing and full of serenity, this blissful Logan & Mason Lola Coverlet is the coverlet fit for your elegant room. With soothing and lovely colour combination and remarkable supple texture, this comfortable coverlet is made from high quality polyester material. Mix and match it with opposit...

    Reg: RM297.99

    VIP: RM208.59

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Can I buy bedspreads and coverlets at Spotlight?

Yes, we have an extensive range of bedspreads and coverlets on offer at all times of the year. Browse online to see our complete range, or come to one of our stores to see the different bedspreads we stock in person. Bedspreads and coverlets are available in single, double, queen and king size, and our range includes brands such as Emerald Hill, Hyde Park and Bianca.

Which types of bedspreads are available at Spotlight?

We stock a huge variety of bedspreads at Spotlight, including skirted bedspreads (where the sides are sewn to the top, usually in a ruched or frilled manner) to more casual throw overs and neatly fitted covers. Many of our bedspreads available come with matching accessories such as pillow shams or cushions to finish off the look.

Will it fit my bed?

At Spotlight we sell bedspreads in single, double, queen and king sizes, but to make sure your bedspread will be the right size for your bed, we recommend that you look at the sizes displayed on the website or on the bedspreads in store. Measure your bed from floor to floor across the width of the bed, if you want your bedspread to come down that far. To get that neat hotel look, bedspreads are usually tucked under the pillows a little, so the length of the bedspread will ideally be a few inches longer than the bed, to allow for this and for the height of the pillows. As beds can differ in height, you may prefer to go up or down a size if your bed is lower or higher than standard.

For skirted bedspreads, the width of the mattress across the top of the bedding is the guideline, as this corresponds to the area where the sides drop down from the main part of the bedspread. Boxed or fitted bedspreads, such as the Bianca Contessa bedspread at Spotlight, may require a valance or bed wrap to finish the look.

What about cushions to match my bedspread?

Many of our bedspreads and coverlets come as sets, which will include either matching cushions or pillow shams, which are sized to fit over a regular pillow. These are ideal if you prefer to spend time sitting in bed reading, working or watching TV, as they will offer extra support for your back. If your chosen bedspread does not offer matching items, check out our great range of cushions to see if you can mix and match with your chosen style, by picking out a contrasting or matching colour cushion. For a truly extravagant display, check out the great 7-piece comforter sets available at Spotlight, which combine bedspreads with a variety of different size and shape pillow shams and cushions.

Are bedspreads easy to care for?

Most modern bedspreads and coverlets are machine washable, but always check out the labels to make sure, and follow the recommended guidelines provided by the manufacturer. The only drawback can be the size, especially for larger size beds, as the bedspreads may be difficult to fit into a domestic size washing machine. In this case, a commercial laundry may be the answer, or check if your local dry-cleaner can clean your bedspread for you.

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