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In our bath body range at Spotlight, you can find a great collection of bath and skincare products. As well as natural soap, hand wash and body cream, here we stock sponges, shower caps, loofahs and body brushes for use in the bath or shower. Once you have finished your bath or shower, use our soft microfibre body wrap and slippers for pure comfort or relax while wearing the gel eye mask. Bath pillows, shower thongs and a pretty dispenser set are also all included in the range.

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What is available in the bath & body range at Spotlight?

In our bath & body range at Spotlight, you will find all your favourite bath and skincare products. Loofah’s, sponges, pumice stones, and sisal belts will take care of smooth, soft and silky skin, while items such as eye masks, shower caps and turbans are also available for your comfort.

Does the range include massage items?

Yes, it does. Relax and unwind in your bath or during your shower with these clever gadgets. Choose a great head massage with our head massager, and let the spindly, weightless fingers gently caress and massage acupressure points on your scalp, neck and face, providing a relaxing and intense sensation that helps calm stressful minds. Alternatively, the spa body massager can be rolled over your body during a bath or shower and help to stimulate blood flow for an invigorating sensation.

What is pumice stone and what do I do with it?

Pumice is created when super-heated, highly pressurized rock is violently ejected from a volcano. It is porous and light and often used in beauty salons for various skin treatments. A pumice stone sloughs off rough, dry skin and dead skin cells, usually from the feet, elbows or knees. Although regular use of a pumice stone two to three times every week improves the appearance of the skin, it also can also relieve discomfort caused by calluses. Use a pumice stone gently and be patient but persistent. A heavy build-up of hard, leathery skin may require several treatments.

What else should I know about products in this range?

Another very popular product in this range is our set of shower thongs. Wear these to help massage and clean your feet during a shower, or use them to protect your feet in unfamiliar spaces such as swimming pool or gym changing areas and campsite shower blocks, which are areas shared with many people, and where the warm and humid conditions make it more likely for you to pick up infections such as athlete’s foot.

Does the range include pampering products?

Yes, it does. Take a look at our soothing gel eye mask, our super soft micro-fibre body wrap and our footcare kit among others. You will also find hot water bottles with covers, soft slippers and a luxury body sponge here, all designed to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in the comfort of your own home.

Do you stock travel items too?

Yes, if you are going away and don’t want to take big bottles of shampoo, conditioner or shower gel, or big pots of body and face cream, get our handy travel set and simply decant some of your favourite products into them. Lightweight and in their own zipped pouch, they will allow you to use your own products while away from home.



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