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Find Quality Must-Have Stock Pots To Create Delicious Meals

You'll find a stock pot in almost any kitchen, because of their versatility they are a must have. Stock pots can be used for a variety of cooking styles from simmering your favourite soups and stews to building potatoes and cooking enough pasta for the whole crew. Stock pots don't tend to vary much in their design, so it is changes in size and smaller details that set them apart from each other. A stock pot made entirely of stainless steel looks professional and polished, and will suit the design of any kitchen.

Stock Pot and Stew Pot Recipe Ideas

Some great recipe ideas to use in a stock pot include:

  • Broth for your favourite soup: you can even try making a Vietnamese Pho or classic chicken noodle soup.
  • Stews and curries: a stockpot is perfect for simmering large stews and curries for the whole family.
  • Mashed Potatoes: boil and mash your potatoes in your stock pot.
  • Pot roasts and meats: create tender meat dishes by simmering and roasting meats inside your stockpot.
  • One pot pasta: make a creamy pasta with stock and vegetables using a stock pot.

Stock Pot FAQ's

What Is A Stock Pot?

The versatile stock pot is a wide, deep cooking pot with handles and a fitted glass lid. It is commonly used for creating broths and stock, but you can also use a stock pot to create large amounts of pasta, steam shellfish, make porridge and for any boiling needs you have.

Some people also use large stock pots to dye their clothes in!

What Material Do Stock Pots Come In?

The most common metal you'll find stock pots are made of at Spotlight is stainless steel. This ensures durability, heat retainment and a beautiful, polished finish. You can also find stainless steel stock pots with silicone coatings on the handles, to make them easier to pick up and move around. Either one can be used in the oven up to a certain temperature, adding to their already incredible utility!

What size stock pot do I need?

Stock cooking pots will be measured either in litres or by the diameter of the base of the pot. A cooking pot that holds at least seven litres is ideal, and you can go bigger if you have a large family to feed or love having all your friends over for dinner. For diameter, look for at least 23 or 24 centimetres.

What Other Cookware Can I Shop at Spotlight?

While a stock cooking pot can be used for many things, having a few other pots and pans in your kitchen will ensure you have everything you need to make all sorts of meals. At Spotlight, you can find:

  • Saucepans - deeper than a frying pan but shallower than a stock pot, a saucepan often comes with a lid and is used for cooking liquids like soups, gravies and, unsurprisingly, sauces.
  • Chef's pans - create delicious risottos, stews and more in a durable chef's pan! These pans are wide with handles, a lid and enough depth to cook food in its own juices.
  • Casserole dishes - create delicious casseroles that can feed the whole family with a casserole dish! These handy dishes can also be used for making pasta bakes, puddings and other deep baked goods.

Check out our full range of cookware, including cast iron cookware, grill pans, woks, frying pans, milk pans, and more.

Find The Right Stock Pot At Spotlight

Ready to create some delicious stock and broths? You can buy your stock pot online at Spotlight and have it home delivered, or visit your local Spotlight store and our friendly team will assist you in finding the perfect stock pot for your kitchen! We stock a huge range of stockpots from leading brands, including Scanpan, Raco and Tefal. For a little help in deciding what else to buy for your home kitchen, check out our handy online Cookware Buying Guide!



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