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Discover our range of milk pans and small saucepans that will come in handy in your kitchen. Shop great-value milk pans online or in-store at Spotlight.

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Discover Quality Milk Pans At Spotlight

Need a new milk pan, or curious as to whether or not you need one? Then make sure to check out the range of quality milk pots and pans at Spotlight, with a variety of colours, sizes and materials available for you to choose from. Look for reputable brands like Scanpan for quality you can trust in cookware. Many cookware sets will include a single milk pan, but if you just need one then our individual milk pans are just what you need in the kitchen.

Make More In A Versatile Milk Pan

Milk pans are for more than just heating milk, although they do this very well! Non-stick milk pans are useful for heating up sauces, gravies, soups and stews, as well as cooking through spices and nuts in oil. While they tend to be smaller than your average saucepan, milk pans are still a worthy addition to your kitchen and are super useful even in the hands of an amateur cook.

Milk Pan FAQs

What is a milk pan?

A milk pan is a small pan with high sides, a long handle and a spout on one or either side. Milk pans are usually used for cooking or heating up liquids or liquid-based foods like stews, gravy, soup and sauce, and get their name from the practice of using them to gently heat up milk.

What is different about a milk pan?

The most significant feature of a milk pan is the addition of a spout to the side of the pan. This allows for liquids to be safely poured out of the pan into another vessel. Some pans have one spout, while others will have one on either side. Milk pots often have a long handle to facilitate pouring, as well as keep the cook away from potential splashes and burns.

How to remove burnt milk from a stainless steel milk pan

Even a non-stick milk pan can still have food burned into it if you're unlucky. To clean burnt milk from a non-stick or stainless steel milk pan, mix one cup of vinegar with two spoons of baking powder - make sure this mixture covers the whole bottom of your milk pot. Boil the mixture for five minutes and the milk stain should lift. Scrape off with a wooden spoon or silicone spatula if needed.

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Find The Right Milk Pans For Your Kitchen At Spotlight

Got milk? Warm it (and many other foods) with the right milk pan from Spotlight! You can buy online and we'll deliver your milk pots and pans to your home, or you can visit your local Spotlight store and our team will help you find the right milk pans for your needs. Make sure to consult our buying guides to ensure you are making the right purchasing decisions - our cookware buying guide and kitchen utensil buying guide are particularly useful for the kitchen. And don't forget to browse some of our blogs before you leave, like our pantry organisation guide.



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