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Make delicious grilled food with our range of grill pans, including anodised and non stick grill pans. Shop grill pans online at Spotlight.

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Shop Great Value Grill Pans For Everyday Cooking

A grill pan can really elevate your cooking, allowing you to make delicious meals without the hassle of a barbecue. Overall, if you love making yourself some tasty steak, sausages, grilled vegetables, or even a cheese toastie, a grill pan for your stove is just what you need! Grab a versatile grill pan to create great food without hassle. Read more about the benefits of a grill pan and find the best one for you from the range at Spotlight.

Grill Pan FAQ's

What is a grill pan?

Immediately identifiable by the signature raised lines in its base, a grill pan is a useful way to get that tasty, outdoor-style BBQ char onto your meat when cooking on your stove indoors. Grill fry pans are designed to heat through evenly, which allows you to cook your proteins thoroughly while also holding a high temperature so you can get some tasty char on your meat if that's how you like it. The raised lines not only impart those hallmark criss-cross lines on your meat, but they also allow the juices of the meat to run off and prevent your protein from stewing in its own juices.

What material grill pans are best?

At Spotlight we have quality grill pans made of durable materials, including:

  • Aluminium grill pans - grill pans made of aluminium will heat quickly and are nice and light to handle.
  • Stainless steel grill pans - grill pans made of stainless steel are durable and will retain their heat well.
  • Carbon steel grill pans - grill pans made of carbon steel are very durable and easy to clean.

All our square grill pans come with a coated, heat-proof handle for easy usage - look for pouring spouts on the side if you think you will need to drain the liquids from your cooking. Popular brands include Raco and Tefal grill pans.

How to clean a grill pan?

To keep your grill pan clean and in top condition, wash it with a non-scratch sponge and warm soapy water after each use. You may need a non-scratch scourer to scrub between the ridges and remove stains. Do not wash your grill pan in the dishwasher.

What Other Kinds Of Pans Can I Find At Spotlight?

While a grill fry pan is a must-have for lovers of that tasty sear/char flavour, Spotlight has lots of other useful cookware for you to choose from as well.

  • Frypans and skillets - a must-have in any kitchen, a fry pan or skillet is perfect for creating eggs and bacon, shallow frying or pan-searing meat.
  • Woks and wok accessories - create delectable stir-fries and other Asian cuisine using any of our quality woks.
  • Saute pans - quickly and safely saute your veggies in any of our handy saute pans.
  • Cookware sets - can't choose which pan to get? Buy a matching collection by choosing one of our cookware sets! Each contains a useful selection of pots and pans in matching colours and materials.

We also have heaps of handy cooking utensils, like metal and silicone-tipped tongs, spatulas and meat thermometers, to make your grilling a success every time.

Find The Right Grill Pans At Spotlight

Bring the grilling experience indoors with any of Spotlight's square grill pans from leading brands, including Raco, Tefal, and Pyrolux. Browse the range online, where you can quickly buy your pan and watch as it is delivered to your home. You can also visit your local Spotlight store, where our team will help you choose the right grill fry pan for your cooking needs. Keen to grill up a storm but need a reason to have people over? Check out our celebrate blog for heaps of great party ideas and expert tips for throwing the perfect celebration!



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