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Whether it is stir-frying or searing, our range of frying pans will help you become a great chef at home. Shop great-value frying pans at Spotlight now.

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Shop a Range of Quality Frypans and Skillets at Spotlight

We have a solid range of both skillets and frypans for you to choose from here at Spotlight. Look for popular brands for each, like a Tefal frying pan, Scanpan fry pan or Raco anodised skillet. We have your kitchen needs covered at Spotlight, become an amazing chef at home by equipping yourself with the best fry pans and cookware.

Features To Look For When Buying Fry Pans And Skillets

Look for useful features that suit your cooking needs such as:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Handle size and configuration
  • Thickness

Frypans and Skillets FAQ's

What are the different frypan materials?

Read more about the benefits of each frypan type below:

  • Aluminium - boasting a quick and even heating time, an aluminium frypan means you can quickly fry off a schnitzel or whip up bacon and eggs in no time at all. Plus cleaning up is a cinch, with no hard scrubbing required.
  • Stainless steel - known for its ability to stay hot, stainless steel fry pans can sear a steak or brown meat perfectly. They are very durable, and can even be popped in the dishwasher if you don't feel like hand washing them every time they're used.
  • Induction frypan - if you've ever wondered 'what is an induction frypan', then here's your answer! Induction frypans are designed to be used on an electric induction stove - if you don't have one, it's those smooth, black stoves without burners you often see in holiday cabins and hotels. Only frypans designed to be used on these stoves will work, as the pan won't heat up otherwise.
  • Frypan sets - to refresh your kitchen and get fully equipped, choose a frypan set so you can multitask and cook for all your family and friends. Our 2 piece and 3 piece frypans are amazing value and quality.

What is the best frypan for me?

Depending on your cooking style and hob type, choose an aluminium, stainless steel or induction safe frypan. For everyday cooking and frying you can't go wrong with a non-stick frypan which is great for searing, saute cooking, and more.

What are the best skillets for cooking?

Choose the best skillet for your needs from our range of steel and aluminium skillets.

  • Anodised stainless steel - beloved for its durability and non-stick surface, anodised stainless steel skillets let you whip up delicious meals and then waste no time scrubbing away with the cleanup.
  • Aluminium - light and easy to handle, aluminium skillets heat up quickly and evenly, making them perfect for cooking meals you need in a rush. Great frying or simmering a curry to get the flavours going.

What is the difference between a frypan and a skillet?

Looking at a frypan and a skillet side by side, you may find yourself asking 'what even is the difference?' The answer - not much! In fact, the terms are even sometimes used interchangeably. Technically, the difference is found in the sides of the pan. In a skillet, the sides are generally a little higher, and it may be larger as well. They are great for stir frying and sautéing, as well as for making curries. Frying pans are shallower and smaller, and are perfect for shallow-frying thin foods and cooking things quickly at a high temperature.

You can use either one for a variety of things, and you can probably get by with just a skillet or a frypan, instead of one of each.

What Other Cookware & Kitchen Essentials Can I Find At Spotlight?

Complement your pans with a few other handy cookware and kitchen accessories, including:

  • Baking pans and tins - create perfectly cooked cakes, slices and muffins using any of our handy baking trays and tins. They are also useful for cooking a tray of roast veggies for your dinner!
  • Grills and mini ovens - want to create a small, tasty meal but have to fire up your oven to do it? Save time and power with the use of a mini-oven, or try using a grill instead! These small but handy appliances will cook your food evenly and quickly, without heating up the entire kitchen as your main oven would.
  • Air fryers - a must-have in modern kitchens, air fryers can be used to make a huge assortment of meals while draining away unhealthy oils that would otherwise linger in your food.
  • Serving spoons - serve salads and meals with ease using any of our classy serving spoons.

Find The Right Fry Pans & Skillets For Your Culinary Goals At Spotlight

Outfit your kitchen with a quality fry pan or skillet from Spotlight today! Shop online and use your favourite payment option to make your order, which will then be delivered straight to your front door. Otherwise visit your local Spotlight store to choose your skillet or fry pan in person. Ready to cook and need an excuse to have your friends and family over? Check out our celebrate blog for heaps of party ideas, tips and tricks anyone can use at home!



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