At Spotlight, you can find paper doilies, which are decorative, disposable paper mats that can be used for a variety of different food presentations, usually on plates, serving platters or traysWafer thin, with decorative punched designs around the edges, they are ideal for putting under cakes, buffet items and any fried foods. We also stock cotton doilies with an intricate lacy edge, which can be used to protect headrests and arms of furniture against dirt and grease, or will look pretty displayed on cabinets, under ornaments or even on a tea tray. At 45 x 30 cm, they are conveniently sized for all these uses.

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Can I buy Doilies from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Whether you are looking to add a fancy decorative touch to your cake display, serve your sandwiches up with some vintage style, or perhaps do some art and crafts with the kids, then Spotlight has you sorted for doilies. These cute decorative mats are wafer thin and are available in a range of sizes, for your convenience. Set your table in style and shop doilies at Spotlight today or check out the rest of the table decorations that we have available.

How do I purchase Doilies from Spotlight?

To purchase our selection doilies, shop online and follow the instructions right through to check out. We accept all major payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard and PayPal and we will deliver right to your door. You can also shop our entire serving ware and table decorations in one of our nationwide stores where one of our team will be more than happy to help you if you require assistance or information.

How should I use Paper Doilies?

Paper doilies can add ornate charm when you are serving food, simply pop the thin decorative cover onto your plate before adding food. You can also use them as placemats to add a splash of decoration when you are serving a finger buffet. Pop underneath cakes, sandwiches or any other finger foods for a sophisticated touch that will look on point. This disposable ornamental mat is ideal for putting onto your trays when serving hors d'oeurve at your next dinner party or formal event. These economical accessories look great in a bread basket or with any other dried foods that you plan on serving. Doilies are not just for parties, and you can even use them on trays around the home for a cute touch of something special.

What else can I make with these Doilies?

Doilies can be a great craft item, and there is so much that you can do with it, the only limit truly is your imagination! Paint your doilies with watercolour for a truly magnificent effect that creates the illusion of lace. It would be a great decorative element on a handmade greetings cards or to add a splash of vintage charm to one of your scrapbooking pages. You could even use doilies in a decoupage project, glue doilies on as your first layer or cut out shapes for an intricate design. Whatever the occasion, doilies can be used to create so many decorative pieces, and children will love sitting down to create their own Christmas or Valentines decorations. When you are using doilies in crafts, remember that they are very delicate and can try up quickly.

Too much paint or glue may cause the doily to change shape or tear, and it is better to do light coats, waiting for it to try before adding more. If you are looking to decorate your homemade cake in a hurry, place a doily on top and sprinkle icing sugar to leave behind an intricate pattern. You could even add food colouring and sprinkle onto white royal icing for a rainbow effect.



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