Kids Felt Sheets

Felt has been around for years, and is adored by each new generation. Here at Spotlight, we know that felt is an ideal craft material for kids of all ages as it is soft, easy to cut and the only limit is their imagination. From finger puppets to decorative hairbands, birthday cards to Christmas decorations, they can all be made from felt. We stock sheets of felt, felt on the roll, bags with pre-cut felt shapes, numbers and letters in a huge range of colours and sizes, so you can find the right type of felt here no matter what you want to create.

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Get Familiar With The Different Kinds Of Felt

Felt is used in lots of crafts, this includes both kids' and adult crafts. To get the best results from felt, it is important to be familiar with the different kinds of felt. Below, we have described common felt types you will encounter, so be sure to read on if you require more information.

What Is Craft Felt?

Crafting felt is made from manmade materials, this means that craft felt is 100% synthetic. To create the manmade fabric fibres, manufacturers will use materials such as rayon, acrylic, polyester, or synthetic blends.

You can obtain craft felt in many different types of shapes and sizes. This material can be obtained in felt sheets, but in some cases, you can obtain it by the yard. You will also encounter different colours and finishes for craft felt, as synthetic material makes it easy to dye the fabric.

What Is Eco-Friendly Felt?

Some types of felt are made from recycled materials. In most cases, the manufacturer will use a combination of recycled plastic bottles, which are turned into environmentally friendly material.

Despite the felt being environmentally friendly, it does not feel much different from other felt types. The only minor difference between craft felt and environmentally friendly felt is that the environmentally friendly version can be less flexible. Eco-friendly felts are available in different colours, so if you use this kind of felt you will not be limited in terms of options.

Please note that recycled plastic is not the only source material that can provide eco-friendly felt. Another possible material is a blend of bamboo and rayon. Bamboo falls in the category of sustainable materials, hence why it is labelled as eco-friendly. Of course, rayon is still a synthetic material. Yet, the bamboo and rayon combination is more environmentally friendly than pure synthetic versions of felt.

What Is Blended Wool Felt?

Crafters can also encounter blended wool felt. As the name suggests, this kind of felt is made with genuine wool. However, the wool is blended with a synthetic material. By using wool into the felt blend, the end result is a much softer felt than those made from pure synthetics.

One of the blends that can be used for a wool felt is the 35% wool and the 65% rayon blend. There is also the 20% wool and the 80% rayon blend. As you may suspect, the higher the percentage of wool, the softer the felt will be.

Much like other types of felt, wool felt is available in many different colours. It also looks quite similar to craft felt, with the only difference being the softer feel. Of course, since wool is used in the creation of felt, this type of felt can be a little more expensive than the synthetic versions.

What Is Wool Felt?

In addition to a wool blend, crafters can also come across felt that is made from 100% wool. Considering this is a natural material that is not as easily obtained as synthetic materials, 100% wool fabric can be more expensive than the blended options.

Crafters will find pure wool felt in different thicknesses, this allows for more versatility in crafting projects. Of course, it also allows for additional softness. So, if you are thinking of using felt in a project that must be a lot softer than regular felt, be sure to use 100% wool felt.

What Is Needle Punch Felt?

The last type of felt you can encounter is so-called needle punch felt, this is a special type of felt where needles are used to push the felt into a certain shape. There are also non-sharp tools that can be used to shape this kind of felt, which makes it suitable for kids' projects as well.

Please note that creating shapes from needle punch felt requires quite a bit of time. If you need felt to create something fast, the other types of felt may be more suitable for your needs. However, if you want some felt your kids can occupy themselves with for some time, a clump of needle punch felt is bound to do the trick. Since this kind of felt is made from wool, it has some lovely soft properties as well.



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