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Let you kids create an endless supply of craft projects with these wonderfully colourful feather from Spotlight! Little ones will enjoy gluing them to paper, while older kids can combine them with glitter, beads and chenille sticks to create a variety of objects. Here at Spotlight, you will find all sizes and types of feather from small multi-coloured craft feathers to gloriously large ostrich feathers, for a huge range of applications. Can be added to hairbands, jewellery, earrings, masks and whatever else you can imagine. Check out our whole range of kids craft items today!

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Popular Craft Feathers You Could Obtain For The Kids

Feathers are frequently used in both adult and kid's crafting projects, so you can encounter a variety of feathers to use in crafting these days. But what are the most popular craft feathers? And which do you choose for kid's crafting projects? Be sure to read the info provided by the Spotlight team below.

What Are The Different Types Of Craft Feathers Available?

Since feathers can be obtained from a variety of animals, you can find a large variety of feathers. Some feathers can be harder to obtain than others, and this can reflect in their price. Here are some of the most popular options for crafting projects and their accompanying characteristics.

Marabou feathers - Genuine marabou feathers are obtained from the African marabou stork. You will often encounter these feathers in products such as feather boas, which certainly makes it a fashionable feather. Of course, they can be used in a variety of other projects as these feathers have a remarkably soft feel.

Turkey quills - Since these feathers are obtained from turkeys, they are easier to come by compared to other feathers described in this overview. Turkey quills are characterised by their long and thin appearance. They can also come in various colours, as these feathers are easily dyed.

Peacock feathers - Peacock feathers are quite different from some of the other feathers mentioned here today. The peacock feather is quite large and comes in all types of blues and greens. Of course, the colour is not the only thing that sets the peacock feather apart, as its overall size and structure is a sheer thing of beauty.

Pheasant feathers - Much like the peacock feather, the pheasant feather has quite the unique look. They usually have a striped pattern and are available in dark as well as light colours.

Goose feathers - Another option for crafting projects is the goose feather. Since they are easily obtainable, goose feathers are relatively inexpensive. Good feathers also come in a variety of colours, as they are quite easy to dye.

Duck feathers - These feathers are also easy to obtain. They can be obtained in their natural colour, but they can also be dyed. Since duck feathers are relatively small, they are suitable for many crafting projects where versatility is required.

What Fun Craft Projects Can The Kids Make With Feathers?

There are many different things that can be made with feathers. If you need some inspiration, be sure to check out our favourite feather crafting ideas below.

Painted feathers - This is one of the most basic crafting projects you can attempt with feathers. To paint on feathers, you need some basic white feathers and some paints. Your kids can paint the feathers in one colour or in different colours, there is no real limit to the possibilities.

Clothespin birds - Another popular thing to make with feathers is the so-called clothespin bird. First, take some regular wooden clothespins and some paint. Allow the kids to paint the clothespin in their favourite colour. Once the clothespin has dried, you can stick some feathers around the clothespin to look like a bird.

Please note that there are some variants of the clothespin bird. You can also make a bird with some popsicle sticks, empty toilet rolls, or other leftovers you have laying around the house.

A feather mask - If you are looking for a way to make a more original mask, feathers are certainly a way to do it. You could create a mask from scratch or buy one of the premade white masks available at Spotlight. Once you have obtained the mask, you can stick feathers and other embellishments on top to make it look even more special.

Getting Kids' Crafting Supplies From Spotlight

If you need a collection of affordable crafting materials, you are bound to get them at Spotlight. From feathers to decorate your crafting projects to paints, glues, and other materials, you can always find them for a great price in our catalogue.

In addition to crafting supplies for kids, Spotlight also provides crafting projects for adults. To get a full overview of all our crafting supplies, be sure to check out the remainder of our catalogue today.



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