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Let your kids create amazing craft projects with the versatile EVA foam available at Spotlight. EVA foam can be used in a number of ways to create models, costumes, masks and more. It can also form the base of many creations and can be easily cut to size, painted, decorated and glued. Available in handy sheets in a range of bright colours, EVA foam will give your kids hours of creative fun. Just one part of the large range of kids craft supplies available here at Spotlight, so why not check out the whole range today!

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EVA Foam - A Safe Crafting Material For Children

Foam is a material that can be used in various crafts, but not all types of foam are safe for children's crafts. Fortunately, children can work with so-called EVA foam, which has countless benefits for a variety of crafting projects. If you wish to learn more about this material, please read the information below.

What Is EVA Foam?

EVA stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, which is a specific kind of plastic. As the name suggests, the plastic is made through a combination of ethylene and vinyl acetate compounds. The result is a crafting material that shares some properties with rubber, this includes softness and elasticity. EVA foam is also remarkably strong, which makes it a suitable option for children's crafting projects.

What Are The Benefits Of EVA Foam In Crafting?

Many crafting projects include EVA foam these days, this because of the many benefits this material has for crafting. EVA foam is incredibly easy to cut. It can also be glued, which could lead to projects such as model building and decorating.

EVA foam is currently available in various thicknesses, this enables you to find a sheet of foam that is most suitable for the application you have in mind. However, if you are using this material for a project involving younger children, an adult should always perform the cutting of the material to ensure the child's safety.

Is Craft Foam Available In Different Colours?

You can obtain EVA foam in a variety of colours. As this material is often used to make products for children, you can also find them in quite bold and unusual colours. So, this kind of material is available in more than just the basic black and white options.

Please note that the colour range of EVA foam can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. This also applies to the thickness of the foam, as each brand tends to have its own range of thicknesses, sizes, and colours.

Is EVA Foam Available Pre-Cut?

EVA foam can be delivered pre-cut, this usually comes in the form of different shapes such as hearts, stars, and flowers. Once again, this does come down to the manufacturer and the supplier in question. The colours and thicknesses available for these pre-cut shapes can vary too, so it is always important to check the product details before you make a purchase.

Parents who want to do a considerable number of projects with EVA foam could purchase larger bags of pre-cut shapes, which can be implemented in multiple projects. In some cases, you can also purchase EVA foam as part of a larger crafting set, which may include other items such as glue.

What Can My Kids Make With EVA Foam?

There are plenty of crafting ideas online that involve EVA foam. Popular projects include rubber dolls, animals, card making, and even bedroom decorations. There are lots of projects your kids can get involved in.

Please note that the difficulty of EVA foam projects must match your child's age. You can find some intricate projects with complicated designs out there, which means your child may need assistance throughout the project. If you want your child to experiment with the foam of their own, always choose a project that can be done by the child from beginning to end. Alternatively, you can cut the foam yourself before starting the project, so your child only needs to do the application.

Other Applications Of EVA Foam

As you may have guessed, EVA foam is not solely used in children's crafting projects. Many manufacturers are now using this foam to create a variety of products, this includes pool noodles, life jackets, trampoline padding and even padding for running shoes. Since EVA foam is used in so many things, it is likely you have encountered this material already.

In addition to manufactured products, EVA foam finds a lot of applications in adult crafts too. EVA foam proves particularly useful to create cosplay costumes, as the material can create unusual shapes and can be cut easily. Cosplay costume projects involving EVA foam can easily be found online, so if you require some inspiration for your own cosplay project, you will find it in no time!



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