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Forget computer games and tablets and go back to the old days with these wonderfully stimulating paper craft items from Spotlight! Suitable for kids of all ages, simple items such as coloured paper, tissue and card in different colours will provide hours of fun, making everything from paper chains to fun items such as your own paper clock. Also included in the range are simple cut out shapes for a variety of creative projects, as well as several different Papier Mache model kits suitable for slightly older kids.

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Everything You Need To Know About Papercraft

There are many different things your kids can make with paper. In fact, papercraft is so popular, even adults use paper for lots of crafting projects. Today, we take a closer look at papercraft and some of the most important aspects you need to know.

What Kinds Of Paper Are Best For Papercraft?

Papercraft can be done with a variety of different paper types, each with its own characteristics and properties. While certain types of paper are more suitable for children, other types of paper are best handled by adults. Below, you will find a complete overview of all the paper types you can encounter in papercraft.

Artist paper - This kind of paper, also referred to as art paper, is specifically made for inks and paints. While it is less popular for construction projects such as model building, it is certainly an option for calligraphy, painting, and other crafts.

Cardstock - Crafters will often use cardstock in card making and model building. Even though cardstock is a relatively thin kind of paper, it does have a stiff property too. As a result, it still provides good stability.

Construction paper - This kind of paper is not as stiff as cardstock, but because of its rough texture it is still suitable for model building and other types of crafts that need a strong basis. It is also one of the recommended kinds of paper for children, as the rough texture of construction paper is easier to handle.

Tissue paper - Considerably different from other types of paper, but still useful in papercraft. It can be used in both adult crafts and children's crafts, as tissue paper often makes a nice filling material.

Origami paper - Crafters will use origami paper for folding specifically. The paper does not weigh a lot, but it is quite strong and durable. As you may have guessed, origami paper can be used for adult and children's crafts. Of course, the difficulty of the construction will vary considerably.

What Crafting Supplies Do I Need For Children's Papercraft Projects?

There are a few basics you should obtain for your children's papercraft projects. We already covered the different kinds of paper that could be used, but here are some additional crafting supplies you may find interesting.

Paint - When working with paper, you can take the creative process a step further by adding colour to the paper. Your child could do this with colouring pencils or markers, but paint is a lot of fun too. Acrylic paint for children is certainly a great choice, as it teaches children everything about colour blending, colour mixing, and even the colours on the colour wheel.

PVA glue - One of the most common types of glue used in children's crafts is the basic PVA glue. PVA glue is used in lots of school projects, so it is evident your child should have some of this glue in their craft kit at home too.

Crafters can use PVA glue with a bunch of different materials. You could use it to glue paper during papercraft, but also other materials such as fabric, wood, plaster, and even accessories you obtain to add some detail to any crafting projects your child has created.

Googly eyes - There are tons of fun projects where you can add googly eyes to, and this certainly applies to papercraft projects. At Spotlight, you can easily get a large supply of googly eyes to add to a variety of projects.

Feathers - When you want to add more detail to some papercraft projects, feathers can also be a nice addition. You can obtain feathers from a variety of different birds for crafting projects, this goes from pheasants and ducks to geese.

Getting Papercraft Supplies At Spotlight

Spotlight provides a large range of papercraft supplies for both children and adults. We provide different kinds of paper for papercraft, but also paints, glues, and all other things you might need for your upcoming project.

At Spotlight, customers can get crafting supplies for the best prices. In addition to supplies for papercraft, you can also count on us for other crafting supplies, this includes painting, drawing, millinery, and more crafts. Check out our entire catalogue to get some inspiration today!



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