Kids Painting Supplies

With a range of kids painting supplies suitable for all ages, your kids can express themselves to their hearts content on rainy days, when they have friends over, or any time they feel creative! With modern, safe and washable paints even the little ones can have hours of fun, while for older children more serious paint supplies are included, that can also be used for school projects. Different types of brushes, rollers and stamps will help them create many original masterpieces, and you will also find practical items such as smocks and splash mats here at Spotlight.

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Can I purchase Kid's Painting Supplies from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. All children love getting dirty and expressing themselves through art, particularly at a young age, and messy time has been proven to have a positive benefit on the development of lots of different skills, including motor-skills, decision making, visual-spatial skills and more. Getting creative will alight their imaginations and making their handmade crafts, from scratch, is guaranteed to give them a real sense of achievement, with painting supplies suitable for children of all ages. Whether you are looking for supplies for a school project, making a poster, or just getting involved with some creative expression, then your little ones are guaranteed to love engaging with these paint supplies,

What is included in this range?

This range features so many fabulous painting supplies that have been purposely designed for children, including paints, tools, stencils and more. They will easily be able to create masterpieces with this selection. There are so many arts, and crafts that you can do with your children using these remarkable products and they will adore being able to express themselves creatively. We have a huge selection of brushes, sponges, stencils and rollers that have been designed for little hands.

This selection also features a wide range of non-toxic washable paints that are colourful, bright, and most importantly, safe for little ones. Chalk can be a great medium for practising handwriting or for making beautiful outdoor art. Children will love creating pictures on a stone or concrete floor that will easily wash away. Safety scissors are a great way for children to develop cutting skills without any risk, there are tons of scissor-skills printable and worksheets available online. Getting pre-schoolers to cut things out regularly will help to improve fine motor skills and strengthens muscles. Whether you are shopping for paint, glue, or a papier mache school project, Spotlight has all the arts and craft supplies that you or your little one could ever desire.

Do you have any tips for doing crafts with children?

Children are born creative, and your little one will love the opportunity to get messy and express themselves with our fabulous arts and crafts supplies. When you are doing crafts with children, especially little ones, there is a chance that it is likely to get messy. Our children's paints are non-toxic and washable. However, we recommend covering the area with newspaper for quick and easy clean up. Additionally, check out our art smocks designed for children to help keep their clothes clean.

Making decorations can become a magical Christmas tradition, and the glitter remnants are bound to leave you feeling festive until January. Alternatively, Aunts, uncles, grandparents and any other family member will love to display your little one's masterpiece, and a painted portrait can be a great add-on sentimental gift for a special occasion. Getting the whole family involved with art can be a fabulous bonding experience, and even toddlers can get involved with finger painting or sponges with full adult supervision. Most importantly, it is essential to let your child choose the direction that they want to go in and that you give them the opportunity to explore and express their ideas.

Do you have any tips for washing my paintbrushes, rollers and sponges?

In order to keep your brushes, rollers and sponges you need to wash them after each use. Rinse them thoroughly before washing with cold water and dish soap. Rinse well and dry thoroughly before storing and avoid the use of any harsh chemical such as chlorine or bleach. Alternatively, check out one of our brush washers for simple and easy clean-up. Your brushes will stay in top condition for longer with one of these handy tools.



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