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What Is Egyptian Cotton

What Is Egyptian Cotton?

The name Egyptian cotton is synonymous with quality and comfort, but not many people are that familiar with bed linen made from Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton bed linen may be advertised as the most comfortable bedding option in the world, not many people are aware of the differences between this bed linen and other materials such as cotton. To find out more about genuine Egyptian cotton and its properties, please read our article below.

Where Does Egyptian Cotton Come from?

Egyptian cotton is grown next to the Nile River. The rich soil in Egypt and the moist environment enable the Egyptian cotton plant to deliver long cotton fibres, better known under the name staples.
Given the popularity of Egyptian cotton, there are a number of variants on the market that are not exactly Egyptian cotton, but are labelled as such. A good example of this is the American Upland cotton. American Upland cotton can be labelled as Egyptian cotton, but has a much shorter fibre. American Upland cotton covers almost 90% of the Egyptian cotton market, so chances are high you may actually end up with bed linen made from American Upland cotton.

Bed linen made from genuine Egyptian cotton is quite different from bed linen made from the American Upland cotton, even though they are labelled under the same name. When you encounter low-priced Egyptian cotton, you can be sure of the fact you are not getting the genuine article.

The Difference Between Egyptian Cottons

There are more rivals on the bed linen market than American Upland cotton, because fake Egyptian cotton can come from Egypt as well. The superior Egyptian cotton advertised over the internet and luxury stores is grown next to the Nile river. Egyptian cotton grown in other parts of Egypt may be labelled as Egyptian cotton, but it is not the genuine article.

Why Is Bed Linen Made from Egyptian Cotton Stronger and Softer?

An explanation why Egyptian cotton can provide superior quality bed linen can be found in the cotton fibre. Egyptian cotton fibres are very long and this leads to more uninterrupted fibres during the creation of yarn and thread. Interrupted fibres can lead to splices in the cotton fabric and this makes the fabric in question less strong. Egyptian cotton has fewer splices than conventional cotton, which means that fabric made from Egyptian cotton is considerably stronger. The nature of the Egyptian cotton fibre also provides softer bed linen, which is a desirable quality for many luxury seekers.

Why Are Bedsheets in Egyptian Cotton Better Heat Regulators?

Egyptian cotton fibres are more porous than normal cotton; this means that bedding in Egyptian cotton can absorb more moisture than normal cotton. Moisture absorption is one of the qualities that promotes better temperature regulation while sleeping, so Egyptian cotton can provide you with a better night sleep.

How Do I Spot Fake Egyptian Cotton?

Fake Egyptian cotton can be spotted by inflated thread counts and low prices. When someone offers you a real Egyptian cotton bed sheet with a thread count of 1500, you can shop somewhere else right away. 1500 thread count is simply not possible for Egyptian cotton.

The price of fake Egyptian cotton bedding will also give you a strong hint. Egyptian cotton bedding that is offered for a low price such as $40 can be instantly seen as a fake. Only 4% of all the cotton in the world is real Egyptian cotton and this makes the material rare. The limited supply of this cotton leads to a higher price, so real Egyptian cotton for only $40 is simply not possible.

Is Fake Egyptian Cotton Bad?

Fake Egyptian cotton does not necessarily feel unpleasant, but it is not the genuine article that is advertised and revered all across the globe. Many consumers fall into this trap and often pay more to enjoy a genuine Egyptian cotton bedsheet. When it turns out to be a fake, they could have saved some money by buying normal cotton bedding.

What Are the Cost-Effective Alternatives?

Instead of buying fake Egyptian cotton, you will find more cost-effective options with normal cotton bedding. 100% pure cotton bedding will provide you with numerous benefits and it is considerably cheaper than real Egyptian cotton. On top of that, you do not run the risk of purchasing a fake.

What Are the Benefits of Normal Cotton Bedding?

100% pure cotton bedding has a lot of benefits to offer, so it is not a bad way to go. One of the biggest benefits of pure cotton bedding is its natural hypoallergenic qualities. If you suffer from asthma or allergies, pure cotton bedsheets will become your new best friend.

Pure cotton bedsheets will keep you cool as well. If you are someone who has trouble sleeping during warm summer nights, cotton bed linen may provide you with a solution. Cotton fibres are quite breathable by nature and this helps to guide heat away from your body. In short, cotton bedsheets are a heat regulator and not a heat insulator.

Cotton bedsheets tend to be more practical than the majority of other bedsheet fabrics. Most cotton bedsheets are light, which comes in handy if you need a large duvet or bedsheet for a queen or king size bed.

Bedsheets made from pure cotton will also have a smooth feel to them and this is important to get a comfortable night sleep. The softness of cotton is provided by the alignment of the cotton fibres in the fabric, so if you do not like the feeling of synthetic fibres, cotton bedsheets will be perfect for you.

Last but not least, cotton bedsheets provide you with value for your money. Contrary to fake Egyptian cotton, you get the quality you pay for without encountering fakes. That being said, there are cotton blends on the market, for example bedsheets made from nylon and cotton. However, if a bedsheet is made from such a blend, it will be clearly mentioned on the bedsheet itself. Blended cotton bedsheets can be great if you want to cut the cost of your bedding, but pure cotton bedsheets will still provide the highest comfort level.

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